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Spoon Collective spoons at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
Sun Oct 13 16:50:01 MDT 1996

The spoon collective is proud to announce the opening of three new lists
in the marxism space.

They are:

marxism-international and

marxism-general is a non-moderated general list with the motto "more
knowledge is better than less, more information is better than less, and
diverse points of view are welcome.  Hans Ehrbar is the contact person.

marxism-international is dedicated to analyzing the destructive
exploitation of capitalist globalism and promoting proletarian
internationalism.  Its moderators are Zeynep Tufekcioglu, Jon Flanders
and Louis Godena.

marxism-psych is dedicated to "the discussion of psychological questions
from a social and marxism perspective, and marxist questions from a
psychological perspective."  Its moderator is Chris Burford.

To subscribe to any of these lists, send the message

subscribe listname (eg. subscribe marxism-general)

to majordomo at

All these lists are open to anyone interested in and enthused by their
various projects.  Do subscribe to as many or as few of them as you wish.
If and when you subscribe to these lists, however, we urge to you read the
introductory information for each list carefully.  Each list has its
delineated project, and may have specific rules to ensure that the
discussion is focussed in a productive manner.

With the opening of these new lists, the spoon collective will shortly be
closing down its present marxism list, marxism[1].

More lists are also currently in development for the marxism-space (such
as marxism-feminism and marxism-culture), and the spoon collective
continues to encourage further proposals for projects and lists for the
discussion of marxist issues in cyberspace.  Please send such proposals to
marx-administration at

Take care

for the spoon collective

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