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This is the marxism-psych list info sheet.


1  General Information on the list
2  Technical Information and Contact Person
3  Information about other Marxism-Space lists

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1  -General Information-

Marxism-psych is a mailing list for the discussion of
psychological questions from a social and a marxist perspective,
and marxist questions from a psychological perspective.

While apparently not quite central to the marxist programme,
this particular list may provide a space for exploring issues
of whether the role of the psychological in marxist writings
has been undervalued, and whether
marxism can clarify why psychological issues are becoming
increasingly prominent features of late capitalist society.

Why for example, does the World Health Organisation predict that
mental illness will be the most expensive health care need in the
budgets of most countries across the world by 2020?

What are the psychosocial implications of civil (buergerlich)

Contributors are not expected necessarily to think of themselves
as marxists, although an interest in some aspects of a marxist
approach is rather assumed.

Although the hosts believe that many different themes could
be developed, this mailing list will be created by the
contributions of the participants. Complementing, contrasting
and sometimes conflicting.

It is therefore also something of test of group dynamics.
It is expected that participants will show some psychological
sensitivity, and when conflicts of view or experience arise,
the list itself will help to put them in perspective, and in
many ways become an ongoing self-regulating community.

Subscription will be by moderator approval. Suspension initially for a
week or a fortnight is intended to be used only as a last resort, and
will be regarded as a failure of group dynamics. Before that time,
if really necessary, an anonymous straw poll would be taken requesting
people's perception of the problem, and the issues fed back to the
group for further reflection.

Some degree of privacy for the group dynamics may be thought to
be desirable for people with experience in the mental
health field, and the archives will start off as private. Should
this change, new archives will be started and will be accessible
to outsiders from that date.

A list of subscribers is available once your own subscription
is accepted. See technical details below.
Please contact the moderator if you anticipate possible
unacceptable conflicts of interests or confidentiality.

The initial moderator and person responsible for liaising with
Spoons is Chris Burford. He is a London based psychiatrist interested
in the multidisciplinary social care of major mental illness.
He wishes to be a facilitator rather than a conductor so that the actual
process of moderating the list will increasingly come through
the contributions of all participants.

How to begin?

That W.H.O. prediction? Is it true? What does it mean?

Or a very brief personal intro (one sentence?) and why you are
interested in the subject of this list?

There is time and space available for your contribution.

Welcome on board.


2  -Technical Information to use marxism-psych-

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Chris Burford should be contacted in case of difficulties or questions
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3  -Marxism Space-

Marxism-psych is one of a suite of mailing lists hosted by Spoons
collective for the exploration of ideas generated by the work of
Karl Marx and Friederich Engels, which encompass a great variety of
traditions. Other lists in "Marxism-Space" include


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