8,000 Immigrants Participate in Immigrant Pride Day 96 -- San Francisco

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    OCTOBER 13 - Contact: Carlos Estrada (415)648-5257

    8,000 Immigrants Participate in Immigrant Pride Day '96

    Organized by the Immigrant Rights Movement (MDI) and supported by
    85 community, labor and political organizations, the 2nd Immigrant
    Pride Day was celebrated on October 12 at Mission and 24th Streets,
    San Francisco.

    Thousands of immigrants poured into the closed streets to show
    their pride, discuss politics and watch over 100 performers from
    10 AM to 7 PM.

    Speakers from the MDI at the two main stages demanded that the City
    of San Francisco declare its non-compliance with the new
    anti-immigrant law, the welfare cuts and prohibit the INS raids.
    Organizers also raised the right to vote in local elections for all
    immigrants (30% of the entire population of San Francisco are

    Around 3,000 participated in the Consulta Popular and throughout
    the day immigrants gathered in the more than 40 informational and
    political tables and had political discussions about propositions
    in the November ballot, presidential candidates, forms of
    organization and labor organizing efforts.

    Mayor Willie Brown and several City Supervisors made appearances
    and were questioned by the public about the demands of the MDI.
    Their presence was a recognition of the importance of the event and
    the organizers.

    Musicians, actors, dancers and artists from Argentina, Colombia,
    Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Nicaragua,
    Ecuador and other latin american countries and a group of African
    American performers donated their talent and work during the event.

    Immigrant pride Day received good coverage in the newspapers the
    following day and channels 4,5,7 and several radios (KPFA,KCBS,La
    Z, La grande 1010, KQED and others) covered the event.

    Immigrant Pride Day was the source of some polemic this year when
    a group of people linked to the Democratic Party tried to
    boycott it and organized a paralell celebration.  The attempt,
    supported by leading members of the CoC and Solidarity failed when
    only 100 people showed up at their mock celebration.  The dispute
    arised when Democratic Party hacks attempted to make the
    celebration a non-political event and complained that the MDI was
    running local candidates against the local democratic party

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