What are the proofs that Gonzalo didn't capitulate to Fujimori?

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Rolf Martens recently wrote:

"Is it true, as Ponce-Rodwell allege, that comrade Gonzalo has
capitulated in prison, of his own free will or under the pressure
of those conditions under which he has been held captured,
the barbarous character of which are known to all? I on my
part *cannot know for certain whether this is true or not*. However,
these allegations are not based on anything but *rumours*
and must be repudiated as such. Those people who're
advancing them by no means are to be trusted."
[Condemn the vile Ponce-Rodwell campaign against the PCP!
Posted: 13.10.96]

Is good that Rolf admits his doubts. He think that all is rumours. On the
contrary, the information that Gonzalo didn't capitulate is based on
rumours. What is the evidence of his capitulation?

1- In the last 3 years Gonzalo appeared several times in TV proposing the
"peace agreement". It was his voice and his face.

2- In the last 3 years tens of pictures were taken with Gonzalo in jail with
all the supporters of the "Peace agreement".

3- In the last 3 years several of Gonzalo's pro-peace agreement handwritings
were circulated.

4- The people which Gonzalo must trust in Europe received phone calls from
him. After them they became convinced that Gonzalo was in favour of the
"peace agreement". Gonzalo's relatives abroad and the majority of the
pro-PCP-SL forces in Europe are today advocating a peace agreement.

5- ALL the members of the PCP-SL's Central Committee and Regional Committees
which are in jail and in contact with Gonzalo are advocating the peace
agreement. Crespo, Gonzalo's lawyer in his trial, declared on TV from the
jail that he agrees with the peace agreement.

6- In the last 3 years Gonzalo received the visit of many people (including
the Red Cross and some Human Right delegations). None of them said that
Gonzalo is against the peace process. On the contrary, they confirmed that

7- Nearly all the thousands of PCP-SL prisoners are for the "peace

8- The possibility that Gonzalo was under drugs or that all of this is a big
farce is completely rejected by the reality. The MRTA, the other armed
movement in Peru, is against the "peace process" despite that nearly all
its leaders are in jail and Fujimori *until now* was incapable of pressuring
them to capitulate in the way Gonzalo did.

9- If Fujimori would like to make a farce, why not with the MRTA? Why not
any single voice in the opposition denounced the "peace agreement" as a
farce? For all the oppositionist media and for all the left it is 100% sure
that Gonzalo's raprochment with Fujimori is complete truth. Only a few
fanatics want to ignore the reality!

10- The PCP-SL is based on a cult of a semi-god. Do you think it is possible
that all the leaders and prisoners which risk their life and which made very
valiant actions in the past could change to a peace agreement without the
explicit order of the great chairman?

11- Who are the people which are telling lies about Gonzalo? If you read
several messages in this week you can see which kind of moral authority have
people which wrote that they led an non existent Soviet in Lima (1963), that
the working class doesn't exist in Peru and that all their organisations are
fascist, etc.

12- This is not the first time that Maoists and Stalinists did that. Stalin
massacred Spanish revolutionaries with the aim to have a deal with
imperialism. Stalin invaded Poland in alliance with Hitler. Stalin sabotaged
the French and Italian post-war revolution and he supported the
reconstruction of western capitalist democracies. Mao supported the
repression of the Sri Lanka rebels, pro-imperialist reactionary movements in
Sudan and Angola, etc. Mao had diplomatic relations with Pinochet when all
the "socialist" countries broke relations with Chile. Mao made a "peace
agreement" with Nixon and Kissinger.

Rolf said:

"I on my part have been criticising, since mid-September, some
of those comrades who're supporting the PCP, namely those who
initiated the call for the WMC, which received the endorsement
of a number of organizations and also some individuals including
myself, but then went ahead and constituted such a "WMC"
practically all by themselves without consulting all those other
endorsers, and who also undertook some actions in the direction
of deceiving the masses on how this "WMC" had been constituted.
These were *actions in flagrant disregard of international
proletarian democracy*."

Rolf has to understand that the actions against proletarian democracy are
the essence of the PCP-SL and mao-stalinism. Every person which disagrees with
the PCP-SL is characterised as a CIA agent or fascist. You saw that in all
the debate! Members of all the significative left currents in Peru have been
physically attacked by the PCP-SL. Inside the PCP-SL there is no kind of
internal democracy. If the leaders don't want to listen to  criticisms they
accuse that person as an agent and expel or kill him, if he
doesn't decide to capitulate to the apparatus.

Last point. Rolf criticised the lack of proletarian democracy of the WMC-El
Diario grouping. Nevertheless, he is repeating the same kind of accusations
without proofs. If he wants to break with those methods and if he is in favour
of proletarian democracy he has to discuss with political ARGUMENTS against
his opponents. He should not write things like this:

"I hold that all fair-minded persons must agree: These writings
very much look like something manipulated by the CIA or a
similar intelligence organ of the US imperialists, a
CONTINUATION, in fact, of their old AVAKIAN-"QUISPE"
SUBVERSION MANOUEVRE. That's their real political
content and role. "

J. Ponce

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