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On Sun, 13 Oct 96, jplant at (Jj Plant) wrote:
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>Tonight I received from Detcom, which I believe is a PCP-SL front, a mailbomb
>attack, which disrupted my mail service. Their mail consisted of large numbers
>of .GIF files, copied to Hugh Rodwell, Malecki and another address. Half of
>these posts were headed 'Please copy to Poder Obrero'. I have no intention of
>opening any of these files or forwarding any of them to anywhere. They will be
>retained in the secure archive that I have established in relation to PCP-SL
>If anybody on this list posted anything to which they expected any reply from
>me in the last 24 hours, please repost. Detcom may have destroyed your message.
>If anybody that I consider to be connected with PCP-SL repeats this kind of
>attack on my right to send and receive email, I shall immediately seek
>disconnection of everybody who has written anything in their support in the
>recent dispute, as well as their expulsion from every mailing list that I know
>they are subscribed to.
>You senderistas really are the most pathetic and wretched scum that ever oozed
>out of the anus of history.
>jplant at
I didn't realize that the Fujimori agency branch
offices were yet so technologically challenged.  The
"mailbombing attack" which has plant so in a bother
consisted merely of a picture of those great leaders
and teachers of the Proletarian Revolution; Marx,
Lenin, Mao Tse-tung and Chairman Gonzalo.  I am sure
his equipment loaded them up in much less time than
mine has in dealing with his malecki's and rodwell's
endless posts consisting of only attacks on the
People's War.

How could you ever handle the violence that accompanies
the Proletarian Revolution if even the mere pictures of
the leaders of that  revolution has you freaking out and
threatening to snitch to the authorities?  Now it is
understandable, your fear and hatred for the PCP.  It is
because you and your kind are lowly cowardly types and
snitches to boot!  When you report me, be sure to follow
all the steps outlined in Bob's newest book, entitled:

"Ha Ha Ha, Anti-war Movement, I turned in the Whole Bunch of You!"

He includes them in the chapter: "Yes, your Honor, I will co-operate!"

Jay Miles / Detroit

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