"Anti-imperialism" Swedish imperialist style

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Mon Oct 14 08:58:02 MDT 1996

>On Sun, 13 Oct 1996, Doug Henwood wrote:
>> strains. There *is* some human agency involved. And two, Swedish SD began
>> not during the Golden Age, but in the depressed 1920s and 1930s, when the
>> country was one of the poorer ones in Europe. That points to a broader

Louis P commented:

>Actually, a General Strike in 1931 accounts for the birth of SD
>governments in Sweden. The film "Adalen '31" depicts these events. For
>that matter, the New Deal only came into existence because a section of
>the US bourgeoisie was afraid of revolution. The relationship between
>social democratic reforms and socialist revolution is actually
>dialectically linked, as any non-dogmatic Marxist could tell you in an

On Friday 11 October, I wrote, not for the first time:

>All the concessions to the organized power of the working class that
>lunchie is so impressed by were merely and deliberately temporary, given
>only to be grabbed back at the first opportunity. Such concessions are
>better than no concessions, but they *solve* *nothing*. The solve not a
>single historical issue in the class struggle. They put off the necessary
>confrontations a couple of decades perhaps, and are used to demobilize the
>workers' revolutionary movement. And the political leaders and superficial
>left intellectuals who grovel drooling with gratitude before such
>"magnanimity" deserve the contempt they receive from the imperialists who
>use them and history as it dumps them. From the working class they deserve
>the boot.
>Lunchie's perspective is that only the ruling class is capable of doing
>anything. Hence he sees the concessions wrested from the capitalists by the
>revolutionary pressure of the working class (mediated by way of treacherous
>and reluctant parliamentary representatives) as benevolent *gifts* to the
>workers by the bourgeois state. The political conclusion drawn by people
>with this perspective is "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!" and "Don't
>look a gift horse in the mouth!". Don't rile the capitalists or they'll
>take their gifts back!



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