The Emirs of Russia and South Africa

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Sun Oct 13 23:13:06 MDT 1996

Michael Jovic wrote:
> Hopefully when we finally, eventually, reach global socialism via the works of
> the international proletariat and possibly even Bill Gates (please see end
> note), we will honour and recognise the contribution made by Mikael and
> numerous others.
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> Michael Jovic
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> and long intermissions."
>      Lara Reisner
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> End note: for you who are skeptical about Bill's likely achievements towards
> building socialism see the British newspaper the Independent on Sunday Colour
> Supplement 13.10.96 page 10,  where it is written:
>                 "All over the world, the state whithered away. The driving force behind the
> change was the          digital revolution. Computers, telephones and the Internet
> had converged into what people were             calling the Cybersphere, where knowledge
> flowed like droplets of water in an ocean. He blamed            it all on Bill Gates,
> founder of Microsoft, now revered by digital revolutionaries as a new Karl
> Marx or George Washington, leading us like sheep into the Corporate
> Millenium."


I think I'll write to Bill right now, and ask him to bung us a few
million floppy things!

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