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>I've been asked to forward this.
>Rolf Martens recently wrote:
>"Is it true, as Ponce-Rodwell allege, that comrade Gonzalo has
>capitulated in prison, of his own free will or under the pressure
>of those conditions under which he has been held captured,
>the barbarous character of which are known to all? I on my
>part *cannot know for certain whether this is true or not*. However,
>these allegations are not based on anything but *rumours*
>and must be repudiated as such. Those people who're
>advancing them by no means are to be trusted."
>[Condemn the vile Ponce-Rodwell campaign against the PCP!
>Posted: 13.10.96]
>Is good that Rolf admits his doubts. He think that all is rumours. On the
>contrary, the information that Gonzalo didn't capitulate is based on
>rumours. What is the evidence of his capitulation?
>1- In the last 3 years Gonzalo appeared several times in TV proposing the
>"peace agreement". It was his voice and his face.
>2- In the last 3 years tens of pictures were taken with Gonzalo in jail with
>all the supporters of the "Peace agreement".
>3- In the last 3 years several of Gonzalo's pro-peace agreement handwritings
>were circulated.
>4- The people which Gonzalo must trust in Europe received phone calls from
>him. After them they became convinced that Gonzalo was in favour of the
>"peace agreement". Gonzalo's relatives abroad and the majority of the
>pro-PCP-SL forces in Europe are today advocating a peace agreement.
>5- ALL the members of the PCP-SL's Central Committee and Regional Committees
>which are in jail and in contact with Gonzalo are advocating the peace
>agreement. Crespo, Gonzalo's lawyer in his trial, declared on TV from the
>jail that he agrees with the peace agreement.
>6- In the last 3 years Gonzalo received the visit of many people (including
>the Red Cross and some Human Right delegations). None of them said that
>Gonzalo is against the peace process. On the contrary, they confirmed that
>7- Nearly all the thousands of PCP-SL prisoners are for the "peace
>8- The possibility that Gonzalo was under drugs or that all of this is a big
>farce is completely rejected by the reality. The MRTA, the other armed
>movement in Peru, is against the "peace process" despite that nearly all
>its leaders are in jail and Fujimori *until now* was incapable of pressuring
>them to capitulate in the way Gonzalo did.
>9- If Fujimori would like to make a farce, why not with the MRTA? Why not
>any single voice in the opposition denounced the "peace agreement" as a
>farce? For all the oppositionist media and for all the left it is 100% sure
>that Gonzalo's raprochment with Fujimori is complete truth. Only a few
>fanatics want to ignore the reality!
>10- The PCP-SL is based on a cult of a semi-god. Do you think it is possible
>that all the leaders and prisoners which risk their life and which made very
>valiant actions in the past could change to a peace agreement without the
>explicit order of the great chairman?
>11- Who are the people which are telling lies about Gonzalo? If you read
>several messages in this week you can see which kind of moral authority have
>people which wrote that they led an non existent Soviet in Lima (1963), that
>the working class doesn't exist in Peru and that all their organisations are
>fascist, etc.
>12- This is not the first time that Maoists and Stalinists did that. Stalin
>massacred Spanish revolutionaries with the aim to have a deal with
>imperialism. Stalin invaded Poland in alliance with Hitler. Stalin sabotaged
>the French and Italian post-war revolution and he supported the
>reconstruction of western capitalist democracies. Mao supported the
>repression of the Sri Lanka rebels, pro-imperialist reactionary movements in
>Sudan and Angola, etc. Mao had diplomatic relations with Pinochet when all
>the "socialist" countries broke relations with Chile. Mao made a "peace
>agreement" with Nixon and Kissinger.
>Rolf said:
>"I on my part have been criticising, since mid-September, some
>of those comrades who're supporting the PCP, namely those who
>initiated the call for the WMC, which received the endorsement
>of a number of organizations and also some individuals including
>myself, but then went ahead and constituted such a "WMC"
>practically all by themselves without consulting all those other
>endorsers, and who also undertook some actions in the direction
>of deceiving the masses on how this "WMC" had been constituted.
>These were *actions in flagrant disregard of international
>proletarian democracy*."
>Rolf has to understand that the actions against proletarian democracy are
>the essence of the PCP-SL and mao-stalinism. Every person which disagrees with
>the PCP-SL is characterised as a CIA agent or fascist. You saw that in all
>the debate! Members of all the significative left currents in Peru have been
>physically attacked by the PCP-SL. Inside the PCP-SL there is no kind of
>internal democracy. If the leaders don't want to listen to  criticisms they
>accuse that person as an agent and expel or kill him, if he
>doesn't decide to capitulate to the apparatus.
>Last point. Rolf criticised the lack of proletarian democracy of the WMC-El
>Diario grouping. Nevertheless, he is repeating the same kind of accusations
>without proofs. If he wants to break with those methods and if he is in favour
>of proletarian democracy he has to discuss with political ARGUMENTS against
>his opponents. He should not write things like this:
>"I hold that all fair-minded persons must agree: These writings
>very much look like something manipulated by the CIA or a
>similar intelligence organ of the US imperialists, a
>CONTINUATION, in fact, of their old AVAKIAN-"QUISPE"
>SUBVERSION MANOUEVRE. That's their real political
>content and role. "
>J. Ponce
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