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TWO POEMS by Langston Hughes


Great Mob that knows no fear
Come here!
And raise your hand
Against this man
Of iron and steel and gold
Who's bought and sold
You -
Each one -
for the last thousand years.

Come here,
Great Mob that knows no fear,
And tear him limb from limb,
Split his golden throat
Ear to ear,
And end his time forever,
Now -
This year -
Great Mob that knows no fear.


Lenin walks around the world.
Frontiers cannot bar him.
Neither barracks nor barricades impede.
Nor does barbed wire scar him.

Lenin walks around the world.
Black, brown, and white receive him.
Language is no barrier.
The strangest tongues believe him.

Lenin walks around the world.
The sun sets like a scar.

Between the darkness and the dawn
There rises a red star.

Langston Hughes


Victory to the revolutionary people in Peru, down with the fascist tyrant

Down with US imperialism and all its marionettes!

Split their the reactionaries throats ear to ear!

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, invincible proletarian ideology walks around the world!
Barbed wire and Fujimori fleas cannot bar it!

Long live the Proletarian revolution!

Down with all counter-revolutionary spivs of imperialism!

Adolfo Olaechea

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