In Defence of the Peruvian revolution

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Mon Oct 14 10:46:19 MDT 1996

The attacks engineered by the agents of imperialism - the Rodwells and
maleckis - in cahoots with the Zubatov agencies of the Fujimori regime and
the CIA, have no other purpose but to smear the revolutionary struggle of
the Peruvian people, the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru, and the
communist credentials and revolutionary integrity of the imprisoned leader
of the Peruvian revolution, Chairman Gonzalo of the Central Committee of the

It is impermissible that any list dedicated to Marxism and to Proletarian
Internationalism will have anything to do with people like Rodwell, Malecki,
Ponce, Quispe, or any other whose whole purpose in life is denial of basic
proletarian internationalism, regurgitation of the CIA/Fujimori allegations
against the clear and unblemished credentials as a communist and a
revolutionary of one of the most important revolutionary leaders of our era,
Chairman Gonzalo.

What the agencies of imperialism and Fujimori are alleging is nothing but a
fraud perpetrated against the person of this respected leader who they have
imprisoned and incommunicado.  All their "evidence" is sheer fabrications
which for the last three years they have been unable to back-up by the most
simple way to prove their assertions: allowing Chairman Gonzalo access to
the people of Peru in a direct way, with the presence of international
observers and the press.

Everything they say is nothing but a plot between capitulators who self
proclaim themselves to be "his family", Yankee adventurers such as the
Avakians, and the sophisticated services of media experts and computerised
Hollywood productions of the CIA.  The Poder Obrero Zubatovs have added
nothing to this tale - except kilometric repetitions laced with their
Intergalactic balderdash - nothing at all which has not been known before
>from the US imperialist media, the CIA, the Fujimori regime, and all kinds
of counter-revolutionary sources.  Nothing at all which has not been
thoroughly rejected as a fraud and Yankee counter-revolutionary fabrication
by all those who subscribe in deeds and not in words to proletarian
internationalism and the anti-imperialist struggle.

Comrade Godena should not under any circunstances allow these blackmailing
impostors and enemies of marxism in such a list.  Let them join the malecki
Egbar flea-pit instead.

As to the question of accussations.  I re-affirm that for me RODWELL,
police agencies and servants of the enemies of the proletariat and the
revolution in all countries.

As to the question of Mr. Plant, I feel that it is possible that this person
is acting unwittingly as a dunce of the above mentioned.  It will be seen in
the debate in London if such is the case.  In the mean time, I suspend final
judgement on him, and await his call to arrange a face to face debate BEFORE

Adolfo Olaechea

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