Farewell, and Hello

Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Mon Oct 14 17:01:46 MDT 1996

I just wanted to say goodbye to folks if our paths do not
cross for a while owing to the reorganisation of the lists.

I will need to concentrate for a while on marxism-psych
which although specialised, has generated approaching 3 dozen
subscriptions, from some very interesting people.

For all its problems in an odd way I think m1 created more
of a community, as hoped for in the original spoons guidelines
than has been publically acknowedged. While many are probably
dancing on its grave, I feel a bit sad. I am remembering
Lisa replying to me once when I expressed concern that she
might stop moderating marxism, that she would only be a
short connection away, in one of a number of other lists.

I am sure the new ideas about marxism space are good. Essentially
they accept that to have a real community means to tolerate and
welcome diversity. So I hope most of you too will remain, only
a short connection away.



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