Biological Periodicity & Scientific Capital

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Mon Oct 14 16:01:26 MDT 1996

Periodicity is of course a well-established phenomenon in chemistry as
evidenced by the existence of the Periodic Table.   Its concomitant in
molecular biology is now,  apparently at hand.

According to the Swedish Natural Science Research Council at the Univesity
of Lund,  a stage has now been reached in which periodicity of biological
structures and functions can be understood at the molecular and atomic
levels.   Moreover,  the Council claims,  this periodicity can be directly
correlated with periodicity occurring at the level of chemical elements.

This process has been patented by both the Swedish and US governments for
use in defense and national security work,  and is of interest to a wide
range of scientific disciplines; physicists,  who are looking for ordered
processes in biological phenomena;  biochemists and biologists,  searching
for the atomic and molecular mechanisms that direct the evolution of living
organisms;  Psychologists,  who are pursuing research in coherent internal
processes affecting human behavior.

Much of this new data replicates to some degree research conducted in Cuba
during 1990 thru 1995 by Swedish, Russian and Cuban scientists.    We can of
course expect quite a different "mode of production" from the Swedes and the
Americans if this new paradigm becomes their exclusive domain.

Any comments?    Michael?    Erwin?

Louis Godena

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