A reply to the "forwarders" to Plant & Rodwell

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Mon Oct 14 17:04:53 MDT 1996

Louis G commits himself utterly to Adolfo's petty-bourgeois adventurist cause:

>I have not seen any evidence of Adolfo "fingering" anyone to be murdered by
>the Peruvian security services.     There is,   however,  ample evidence
>that various Trotskyites have been intimately involved in identifying
>suspected Communists as "Sendero" to then be "disappeared",  tortured and
>killed by the government,  a role well suited for them by years of similar
>activities in Indonesia,  Vietnam,  and elsewhere and which they have
>reprised here with telling effect.

None so blind as those who will not see.

Give us some of this ample evidence, Louis. And while you're at it, tell us
about the fate of the Saigon Trotskyists in 1945.

>This is the last time I will respond, directly or indirectly, to any posts
>"forwarded,"  hand-carried,  thrown, delivered by carrier pigeon or by any
>other means other than put directly before the members of this list. Mr
>Rodwell and Plant can continue to do so,  an accurate reflection, no doubt,
>of their own efforts on behalf of the international working class.

For myself, I respect a revolutionary's occasional need for anonymity and
pseudonymity. Lenin's name wasn't Lenin. Trotsky's name wasn't Trotsky.
Stalin's name wasn't Stalin. None of the Russian revolutionaries broke
ranks on this, Bolshevik or Menshevik.

I respond to things with a political point I find a) interesting and b)
manageable. Often enough on this list the political point is very indirect
(the great negative as Hegel might say), an eloquent absence. The content
is the thing. Sometimes it's relevant where it comes from, sometimes not.
It's like art -- it should be recognizably good or bad regardless of the
brand label. Judging things by their provenance is a dangerous shortcut.

I see my participation in these discussions not so much as a reflection of
my efforts for the international working class as an integral part of them
and a *refraction* of my other work.

JJ can speak for himself.



PS I think the old Stones song "The Last Time" is rapidly becoming the
theme song of many list oldtimers. And it went on for ever ....

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