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Tue Oct 15 00:07:00 MDT 1996

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Malecki wrote :

> And i do not consider my views on the TP or answersð
to Plant which are part of a serious political discussion related toð
bureaucratic purges and liquidation of Trotskyism mailbombing.

I agree that Malecki's posts on the TP do not constitute mailbombing. They are
not disruptive of the marxism list, and relate to the marxism list's proper
concerns. They are not intended to harm the recipients. In all these respects
they differ from Detcom's actions.

Malecki's reposting of material scavenged from Left Unity List to the marxism
list is no more than a minor nuisance. It should not be equated with Detcom's
acts of aggression and vandalism in support of the PCP-SL's attempts at
intimidation of those who have the temerity to disagree with it.

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