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Mon Oct 14 17:04:32 MDT 1996

At 10:02 AM 10/13/96 -0600, Hans Ehrbar wrote:

Here's what I do.  I have a news reader with a filter setup. I set the
filter to immediately trash anything with "Peru" in the title. Anything
anything from Malecki and a half dozen or so others also goes straight
to the electronic dumpster. It takes less than 10 seconds. If I want
to find something with real information about Peru, I look elsewhere.

>Robert Malecki has repeatedly asked for administrative measures
>against people who in some way mis-behave on the marxism list, and he
>also deplores the lack of visible outrage shown on this list about
>some of the outrageous things that are going on here.  Since this is
>an issue which will also be relevant for marxism-general, I would like
>to state my views about this.
>It is not the purpose of marxism or marxism-general to dish out
>punishment.  Due to its openness, this list is an appropriate forum
>for criticism and for the raising of controversial issues.  Since
>everybody is free to act as they please, this list is also a platform
>on which the list members can show the world who they really are.  The
>only punishment this list has to offer is the fact that everything
>that goes on here is observedf by over 250 highly committed
>subscribers all over the world, and that everything is recorded for
>ever in the archives.  You will not be able to escape the relevance of
>this accumulated information by badmouthing the list today.
>The list also seems very patient and cautious.  Attitudes are changing
>excruciatingly slowly.  But they are indeed changing.  The better
>arguments are not winning every battle, but to me this list seems to
>be a forum in which the better arguments can win out in the long run.
>Hans Ehrbar.
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