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Anthony J Caruso acaruso at juno.com
Mon Oct 14 20:36:54 MDT 1996

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996 17:43:15 -0100 (Etc/GMT) Ignacio Domingo
<idomingo at encomix.es> writes:
>  We waste our lights in vain, like lamps by day.
>(William Shakespeare. Mercutio, in Romeo and Juliet, act 1, sc. 4, l.
>                                UNSUB*SCRIBE NOW!!!!!
>Dear Comrades,
>        My name is Ignacio, and I am a member of the Spanish United
>Party. I am the only member of the Party, in the small and poor region
>I live, who has access to a computer and to an Internet account, and
>therefore I am in charge of transmitting to the comrades all the
>information that I may find in the net. Therefore, I have been
>sub*scribed to
>this list for the past two weeks.
>        I can find the words to describe what has been going on in
>list. I think some other comrades, such as Antonio Mota and others,
>expressed better than I can what I feel. At its best, this list has
>true what John Kenneth Galbraith one said: "It has been the
>right of every Marxist scholar to read into Marx the particular
>meaning that
>he himself prefers and to treat all others with indignation."  (The
>Age of
>Uncertainty, ch. 3). At its worst, there is nothing here but insults,
>endless and useless debates on irrelevant topics, some moonies, and,
>of all, that kind of people who will ruin any assembly (what is this
>but an open assembly?) whenever they reach the microphone. Probably
>most of
>us have a wide experience in assemblies and meetings of all kinds, and
>know how damaging these people can be and how necessary a moderating
>board is.
>        Summing up, then, I am calling all of you to a general
>unsubscription to this list. Let us hope that, in the near future, we
>another forum where we can talk to each other, find the information we
>for our common struggles, and, perhaps, debate.
>        In the meantime, I suggest that we all send messages to the
>stating our reasons for unsubscribing. This list is a disgrace to
>and anyone tempted to know something about marxism and join it (I am
>thinking particularly about young people) will get a picture of us
>that we
>do not deserve. The sooner it ends, the better. Please, let us  make
>that marxism (and marxists) is not this.
>        I would like to thank all the comrades who have send valuable
>relevant contributions to this list. There is no need to give the
>names, we
>all know them. I do not care if they are maoist, trotskysts or
>They have tried to start debates, and they have given us some valuable
>materials to discuss and think about. And, to all the people who have
>up this list ...
>                                FUCK YOU!!!!
Anthony writes:

     In a way, I have to agree...I am a 17 year old High School Senior
>from Goodrich, MI, USA, and I have seen alot of immature stuff on the
list...HOWEVER; I am an educated Marxist, and have worked for 4 years to
properly educate myself on the subject.  If someone wants to know about
Marxism, I think that the proper place to start is "Manifest der
Communistischen Partei."  If someone is ignorant enough to judge a whole
theory of economics and think tank of Socialist and Marxist theory based
on the members of this list, then personally, I don't want them here.  As
it is, we've got enough of them, and I think that if Karl Marx were alive
in this day and age, the last thing that he would want would be to see
ANY Marxist list disbanded, but I guess that's up to us, isn't it?  :-)

PS: If, by some chance the list DID disband, what is the new one to join?
 If someone could tell me, it would be much appreciated.  Thanx

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