Moderation and slander

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Mon Oct 14 21:53:21 MDT 1996

 >> Do the other two moderators of marxism-international support
 Godena's methods? How can you have that principle against slanders while at
the same time one of your moderators is promoting one? <<

 Jon Flanders:

  Look, Louis G made this statement on M1 where everything goes, I guess. He
is a friend of Adolpho's and feels defensive about him. The three moderators
current on MI are not a political monolith. We have differences on many
subjects, just as the rest of you do.

  Personally, I have found the PO contributions quite interesting. The
specifics of the left in Peru sound quite convincing. The accusations of you
know what, leave me wondering about attributing things to opponents that very
well could have been done by the regime. Then there is the peace plot
business. Why have there been no New York Times stories on this development?
It would seem to be a big deal to me. Questions, questions. As far as Peru
goes, I withhold judgement until I get verification from less interested

  And it is, in my view, not the job of leftists in other countries to mediate
the disputes in Peru.

  Let me state that my position is opposed to cop-baiting, fascist-baiting,
violence-baiting, moron-baiting and menshevik-baiting. Even if you think the
other poster is a flea, a menshevik or a Martian.

 I am heartily sick of the slanging on M1. I hope and expect that on the
VOLUME-LIMITED MI list people will behave themselves.

  While I am on the subject, this volume question is important to me. I have
very little time to attend to the list. I more and more resent the
intellectuals, office workers with Internet access of one kind or another, who
can post all day to the list.  If you want to do that, MG should be your
hangout. I personally will not subscribe to that list.

  I know this exposes the workerist in me, but there it is.

  Let's have serious, well thought out contributions posted to MI. Three a day
limit, PLEASE.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 14-Oct-1996

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