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Mon Oct 14 23:48:46 MDT 1996

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>There is no need for me to debate the TP with you. I, and everybody else,
>in advance what you think about it. You proved us correct with your spammed
>post. I don't have to reply to you for 2 reasons :
>1.      My document started from a position of knowing and rejecting positions
>such as yours, hence constituted a pre-emptive rebuttal of your comments, and
>2.      You are not a member of the list for which the item was written. If
>want people to discuss your views on the TP, ask them to comment on your
>spammed post. Ask yourself why they have not taken any interest in it.
>jplant at

Mr. Plant it is your choice to claim a "pre-emptive" rebuttal because
"everybody" knows what i am going to write, This sounds like the moderaters
on the "Unity" list have a program for dealing with people like Malecki.

Naturally it is your choice. But I will continue to answer and publish yours
and others material as long as i am banned from the list to appropriate
places. Actually the point is not whether Plant replies or the little click
of liquidaters continue to ban people from the unity list or not.

A lot of people are watching the struggle and your actions so far on "unity"
i doubt in the long run win very much support. In fact exactly the opposite.

Bob Malecki

By the way i see that you finally took the cork out of your ass and took a
step. Thus realizing the difference between the fight we are having about
"unity" and the TP not being on the same level as the fight with Aldolfo and
the Detcom maniac.

But you *did* block with both Doug and Proyect in this matter and it was a
completely unprincipled and dispicable act on your part. Blocking with
liberals and neo-Stalinists against Malecki shows that in reality the stakes
are pretty high for the present moderater junta to consolidate a list minus
any left wing critics.

Bob Malecki


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