Plain dealing, plain speaking, and the listfutures

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Oct 15 01:42:52 MDT 1996

>    I have just gotten to your sophomoric remarks, Mr.
>Caruso.  Frankly, Louis Proyect's comments here are more
>relevant than yours, even when he has been on my case.
>     Just for the record, and in case you have not been
>reading, I have been quite critical of our dear malecki.
>In fact he got quite annoyed with me and has denounced me
>several times.  (Go check the archives, if you know how)
>Most recently, it was I who backed up Louis P. on the
>"Chyrsler Plant of GM" bit, which up to now has been the
>one clearly identifiable outright falsehood in malecki's
>tale, after which he and his real allies were forced to
>back down on that (Allison plant, after all, apparently).

When did i back down about working in the tank plant in Cleveland Barkely?
Since when is making a mistake on the name of the tank plant Chrysler
instead of Allisson and out right falsehood? Are you saying that i never
worked in this tankplant? Or What.

And the rest of your letter about your historical intervention on the list i
will not comment on. But you incredible chest thumping does surprise me as
being just a bit of a personal ego trip rather then anything at all to do
with politics.

Bob Malecki


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