A reply to the "forwarders" to Plant & Rodwell

Anthony J Caruso acaruso at juno.com
Mon Oct 14 20:36:54 MDT 1996

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996 14:14:37 -0400 (EDT) louisgodena at ids.net (Louis R
Godena) writes:
>Some question has been raised anonymously (but I'm sure at the urging
>others who lack even the common courtesy to identify themselves as
>concerning my support for Adolfo Oleachea.    For those who,  in their
>wisdom,  are deleting everything unread relating to the so-called
>Obrero" (which no one outside of this list seems to have even heard
>of) and
>their silly supporters like jj plant,  I reproduce here the offending
>I have not seen any evidence of Adolfo "fingering" anyone to be
>murdered by
>the Peruvian security services.     There is,   however,  ample
>that various Trotskyites have been intimately involved in identifying
>suspected Communists as "Sendero" to then be "disappeared",  tortured
>killed by the government,  a role well suited for them by years of
>activities in Indonesia,  Vietnam,  and elsewhere and which they have
>reprised here with telling effect.
>This is the last time I will respond,  directly or indirectly,  to any
>"forwarded,"  hand-carried,  thrown,  delivered by carrier pigeon or
>by any
>other means other than put directly before the members of this list.
> Mr
>Rodwell and Plant can continue to do so,  an accurate reflection, no
>of their own efforts on behalf of the international working class.
>Louis Godena
>Jon,   you write:
>>I completely agree that labeling anyone that disagrees with you as a
>>counter-revolutionary is wrong. This is the heart of the problem of
>the method
>>that Adolpho uses. It leads him to the extremes that we have
>witnessed in the
>>last few days.
>In fairness to Adolfo,  Jon,  it must be pointed out that he did not
>others to write palliatives on his behalf only to later announce that
>he had
>been "asked" to "forward" this solicited material to the Marxism list.
>Adolfo,  so far as I know,  has always spoken for himself without fear
>favor,   or without resorting to such subterfuge.    And for that--and
>else--he has my respect and support.
>And,  while we are on the subject,  what of these "mass worker
>organizations" themselves?    I find it difficult to ascertain if they
>exist outside the imaginations of  "J Ponce,  Jj Plant,  *et al*.
>Obrero",  we are asked to believe,  is in the forefront of
>struggle in the urban centers of Lima and elsewhere.    Yet,  one will
>search in vain for any reference to them virtually anywhere in the
>literature of the Latin American Left.    The latest edition of *Peru:
>to poverty*,  for example,  lists every known poliitcal organization,
>union,  association,  etc., to the left of Fujimori.
>"Poder Obrero" is not among them.
>No,  my friend,  I suspect  what we are witnessing here is that
>of anonymity that characterizes much of the internet and which is only
>worse by the nature of the "white" "legal left" in our own societies.
>Our very own version of Babylon.
>Louis Godena
Anthony writes:

Sorry, but as a Godena advocate, I have to agree......Party on, Lou.

Anthony J. Caruso
acaruso at juno.com

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