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Mon Oct 14 23:06:33 MDT 1996

    I have just gotten to your sophomoric remarks, Mr.
Caruso.  Frankly, Louis Proyect's comments here are more
relevant than yours, even when he has been on my case.
     Just for the record, and in case you have not been
reading, I have been quite critical of our dear malecki.
In fact he got quite annoyed with me and has denounced me
several times.  (Go check the archives, if you know how)
Most recently, it was I who backed up Louis P. on the
"Chyrsler Plant of GM" bit, which up to now has been the
one clearly identifiable outright falsehood in malecki's
tale, after which he and his real allies were forced to
back down on that (Allison plant, after all, apparently).
When some of Louis's accusations were found to be false
(e.g. that malecki was never involved in the antiwar
movement in any way) then I defended malecki.
     I call them as I see them, Caruso, whichever the way
the cards fall.  Most people in this so-called discussion,
shortly to be shut down, have tended to take the extreme of
one side or the other, malecki great or malecki terrible.
It is clear that this is where you are at, and if you think
that is fine, well good for you.  No port or cigars for you.
     The record is clear that I have been on the case of
both bob malecki and Louis Proyect.  I have stated that
neither should be a list moderator.  I have dinged them
both in satires I have written (oh yes, terribly sophomoric
those are, not nearly as "adult" as calling people
fascists, yellow journalists, schmucks, rotten blocks, and
morons). So, I have no problem with the role I have played
on this about-to-go-out-the-window list.  When I have
satirized, it has been pretty clear.  I have also put forth
quite a few straightforward pieces.  Would you like to
comment on my discussion with Louis Godena about China?  Or
is a real world issue too much for somebody like you who
obviously will be very ill suited to marxism-international.
Can you say that you have contributed anything worthwhile
to this list?  I have yet to see any such item.
Barkley Rosser
On Sat, 12 Oct 1996 00:42:06 EDT Anthony J Caruso
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> On Fri, 11 Oct 1996 19:32:21 -0400 (EDT) Louis N Proyect
> <lnp3 at> writes:
> >On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Rosser Jr, John Barkley wrote:
> >
> >>      Gosh Lou, last week I was a moron and now I am even a
> >> bigger schmuck than you thought I was.  And how big was
> >> that, might I ask?  If you keep this up, I'll have to join
> >> a Trotskyist sect and start accusing you of Menshevism.  In
> >> the meantime, I suggest a nice cigar and some good port
> >> after dinner..., :-).
> >
> >Louis: Good post, Rosser. There were real feelings and thought in it
> >unlike the sophomoric smirk you insist on presenting to the list most
> >of
> >the time. This augurs well for M-I. Keep up the good work.
> >
> >
> >
> Anthony writes:
> BAAMM!! Lou SHUTS Rosser DOWN!!  SHOT right OUT of the SKY!!
> --Louis--  Hey, Comrade, "sophomoric" is a superb adjective...I'll have
> to remember it in the future. :-)
> --Rosser-- Hey, pal, from the sounds of things lately, I'd have to say
> you've had TOO much port, and you have been smoking things OTHER than
> cigars.   :)  How big a SCHMUCK?!  Big enough of one to support and
> defend Malecki.  ;)  (you asked!!)
> Fraternally,
> Anthony J. Caruso
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