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Adolfo wrote, on 14.10, with the above subject line, the
below (including quotes).

Now how on earth can that, or anything i wrote, be called
my "playing the game of the Fujimori agency"?? I'm "playing"
precisely the CONTRARY "game". But those comrades who *have*
undertaken actions which are against the most elementary
principles of international proletarian democracy, *they*
of course thereby also *facilitate* the "games" of those
agencies. The facts concerning thses actions remain, and
would remain open to attack by anyone, even if I hadn't
said one beep about them. *This* it's necessary to see.

These things obviously have to do with those grave
waeknesses which have long been evident in the line and
the methods of the PCP - things which have been visible
internationally, ever since that party's association with
the phoney "international" the "RIM", whose organisational
"methods" have been accepted by the PCP too. It's *not*
sufficient for those who defend the PCP only to criticize
and attack the *leaders* of the "RIM". This whole thing has
been rotten from the beginning, and the acceptance of it
shows up a bad tendency which has now been continued in the
manner in which the "WMC" was set up. True, the PCP comrades
in Peru itself may not be directly to blame for this. And
likewise true enough, the setting up of the WMC as it *should*
have been done could not but be a very difficult business.

The fact remains anyway that things have been done by the
PCP "ambassador" comrades which *are* impermissible.

Adolfo does very badly in trying to shift the blame for
the negative effects of this over on me.

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On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, Rosser Jr, John Barkley wrote:

>     I have just gotten to your sophomoric remarks, Mr.
> Caruso.  Frankly, Louis Proyect's comments here are more
> relevant than yours, even when he has been on my case.

Louis: Dr. Rosser, speaking as somebody who is well-versed in the world of
psychotropic medication, can I recommend that you look into this as well?
I have a very severe case of disthymia for which Prozac has done wonders.
Apparently, the medication works well with obsessive behavior as well,
such as washing your hands every half-hour, or including some reference
to Louis Proyect in nearly every post you make to the Marxism list.

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