Moderation and slander

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Oct 15 05:44:30 MDT 1996

On 14 Oct 1996, Jon Flanders wrote:

>   Let me state that my position is opposed to cop-baiting, fascist-baiting,
> violence-baiting, moron-baiting and menshevik-baiting. Even if you think the
> other poster is a flea, a menshevik or a Martian.
>  I am heartily sick of the slanging on M1. I hope and expect that on the
> VOLUME-LIMITED MI list people will behave themselves.
>   While I am on the subject, this volume question is important to me. I have
> very little time to attend to the list. I more and more resent the
> intellectuals, office workers with Internet access of one kind or another, who
> can post all day to the list.  If you want to do that, MG should be your
> hangout. I personally will not subscribe to that list.
>   I know this exposes the workerist in me, but there it is.

Louis: Don't be so sanctimonious, Jon. When I had 9 Maoists and Louis
Godena charging me with fascism and a whole host of other crimes, you kept
your mouth shut pretty good. Not only that, when I quit M1 in disgust, you
told me that I was mistaken and that things "were getting better". Talk
about Pangloss. Well, at any rate, I hope you keep a stiff backbone on
M-I. That's where it is needed.

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