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Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Tue Oct 15 05:55:04 MDT 1996

Anthony writes:

>I think that if Karl Marx were alive
>in this day and age, the last thing that he would want would be to see
>ANY Marxist list disbanded, but I guess that's up to us, isn't it?  :-)
>PS: If, by some chance the list DID disband, what is the new one to join?
> If someone could tell me, it would be much appreciated.  Thanx

Anthony,  my friend;

Two new lists have started which may interest you have recently appeared.
Coincidentally,  I'm associated with both of them.    Marxism-sciences is,
of course,  self-explanatory.    Marxism-international is concerned with the
effects of neo-liberalism on the developing world and possible responses to
it.    I think you might find one or both of them interesting and useful.

Then,  of course,  there is Marxism-General,  which is the new unmoderated
list,  which,  I think,  will replicate the list you're on now.

Think about it.    If you would like to subscribe to either
marxism-and-science or marxism-international,  let me know.

Louis Godena

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