*Why are the PCP-SL supporters incapable of discussing politics?*

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Tue Oct 15 11:58:34 MDT 1996

I've been asked to forward this.




*Why are the PCP-SL supporters incapable of discussing politics?*

To all my political arguments they could *only* reply with slanders and
accusations that everybody is part of a CIA-Fujimori plot. Today, because
nobody believe in their accusations, they have to enter in pettiness and
stupid remarks.

 Siddharth Chatterjee asked:

Your last message was forwarded to the list by Hugh on 15th October 1996
at 01:45:40 (Swedish time). In it after accusing Louis Godena of re-
inforcing 'slandering', you quote from 'The letter that I sent two days
ago' (see below). This letter that you quoted from was posted by Hugh on
14th October 1996 at 15:57:59 (Swedish time) - a time difference of
approximately 9 hrs 45 min. How do you explain this time dialation of
14 hrs 15 min unless you can claim that the rest of us are either
travelling at near the speed of light with respect to you, or even
better, that we dwell on another planet 10000000000------- (fill in
as many zeros as you want) the mass of the earth (where presumably
you live) almost like a blackhole?

Very simple. Some times I posted some messages and Hugh didn't re-send
straight away. Some times a document which I wrote could be re-send to the
list more than 24 hours late.

Siddarth wrote that my messages come from the "Peruvian Minister of
Information". I asked for proofs and nobody could give one because this
Ministry doesn't exist!. Siddarth also accused a journal in which Doug
wrote. Doug asked for proofs and he didn't receive any reply. If Siddarth
wants to make more "contributions" there are some proofs which we are
waiting for.

Godena couldn't answer any document and he said that I am an anonimous
person. I am not. I am a Peruvian political activist for many years! I am
using Hugh's e-mail address and subscription to the marxist list because I
cannot be a subscriber of your list. Olaechea is not a direct subscriber and
he use the e-mail address of a female subscriber.

I ask the PCP-SL supporters to go to the political discussions!

You can't discuss politics because you were *completely defeated* in the
discussions. You don't have arguments.

I am fighting for a proletarian revolution in Peru. The PCP-SL is AGAINST
that revolution. Is for the destruction of the workers organisations and
general strikes. After all its war his leader, Gonzalo, openly advocates a
peace agreement with Fujimori. When he was in "people's war" he sabotaged
the workers organisations and when he tries to be part of the establishment
he offers his services against the left.

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