An unfair attack on Bob by Adolfo

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Tue Oct 15 03:12:24 MDT 1996

Bob Malecki wrote, quoting Adolfo, on 10.10 i.a:

>>Now, now, now, malecki: Cutting deals with the FBI, heh?! I didn't
>>know that! And these blokes are not even the national bourgeosie of
>>an oppressed country, but only the myrmidons of US imperialist
>>capital!  How do you account for that?

>Notice that a statement made by a judge according to a bougeois
>journalist now is the absolute truth for Aldolfo. Not the fact that
>Malecki served his full sentence was indicted on over 10 new charges
>forced into underground and exile.

It should be pointed out, I think, that Bob on this point is quite
right. Adolfo made this serious charge with no more "evidence"
behind it than this *rumour in the bourgeois press*. Despite those
unjustified attacks which have earlier been made by Bob against
Adolfo, this absolutely is not fair and has nothing to do with
proletarian methods of polemics. It actually proves the correctness
of *one part* - even if a smaller one - of Bob's criticism against

Rolf M.

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