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I've been asked to forward this.




Jon Flanders recognises:

"Personally, I have found the Poder Obrero contributions quite interesting.
The specifics of the left in Peru sound quite convincing."

He asked:

"Why have there been no New York Times stories on this development?
It would seem to be a big deal to me. Questions, questions. As far as Peru
goes, I withhold judgement until I get verification from less interested

I don't read the New York Times. Probably there was some coverage 3 years
ago which Jon didn't see. Nevertheless, I read in many imperialist journals
(Time, Newsweek, etc.) about Gonzalo's capitulation. The only interviews
that Gonzalo made in all his life were to his paper (El Diario) after one
decade of clandestinity and to their interrogators in the jail. Millions of
Peruvian watched a very secure leader speaking to the members of the
Peruvian SIN.

In the last years the PCP-SL is not very important. Most of the big coverage
of them is finished.

Jon wrote:

"Let me state that my position is opposed to cop-baiting, fascist-baiting,
violence-baiting, moron-baiting and menshevik-baiting. Even if you think the
other poster is a flea, a menshevik or a Martian."

Jon, it's not the same to accuse your opponent with a POLITICAL
characterisation (like to be a centrist, stalinist, nationalist, menshevik,
etc.) than to accuse him/her of being a fascist cop. You can discuss with
different tendencies inside the workers movement but you can't discuss with
agents and fascists.

Jon wrote:

"I am heartily sick of the slanging on M1. I hope and expect that on the
VOLUME-LIMITED MI list people will behave themselves.
While I am on the subject, this volume question is important to me. I have
very little time to attend to the list. I more and more resent the
intellectuals, office workers with Internet access of one kind or another,
who can post all day to the list.  If you want to do that, MG should be your
hangout. I personally will not subscribe to that list.  I know this exposes
the workerist in me, but there it is. Let's have serious, well thought out
contributions posted to MI. Three a day limit, PLEASE."

I agree with most of what you say. I wasn't subscribe to the marxist list
because I am not interested in receiving 100 messages every day. I only
entered in a selective discussion for around 2 weeks.

Jon, many people in the northern hemisphere have their own computers at
home. In the southern hemisphere the left activists don't have that
luxury. We have to use the computers in the companies where we work. Other
people use the public cabin of the RCP in Lima. I can't receive many
messages in the computer which I use because is from a company. When I
received a message it have to have a different headline without political

I am sure that other people have similar problems. I will like to be part of
your MI list but I should have to rely on some other friend to send me some
of their stuff without headlines. Could the moderators of the new list
think about it? The fact that one of the moderators has a complete
opposite policy than Jon in relation to the slanders and "cop-baiting" makes
me have contradictory feelings about the new MI list.

J. Ponce

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