proyect and malecki, over and out

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Tue Oct 15 12:05:23 MDT 1996

     This will be my last message to this list.  To those
going to either marxism-general, marxism-intro, or
marxism-psych, adios, as I shall not be on any of those.
     I take it as confirmation of the accuracy of my
egotistical presentation of my role on this list that both
proyect and malecki have seen fit to flame me in response
to my latest jibes.  Neither of them has said anything that
is worth responding to in substance or in kind.  They are
together responsible for the destruction of this list, as
are those who have unswervingly supported either of them.
     Louis P. is an intelligent guy who makes many
important posts.  He also does a lot else, and although he
has promised to be a good boy on marxism-international, he
has already used the "f" word there.  That, however, has
not upset Louis G., who has preferred to ding on Adam Rose
for his allegedly "epigonic" remarks (I guess this is what
happens when one goes to Harvard and then decides to become
a proletarian revolutionary, phew!).
     I don't know whether
our less-than-overly-intelligent malecki will show up on
marxism-international or not, although he at least once on
this list declared that he was willing to abide by volume
limits (unlike Hugh and Adolfo, I gather).  But then, maybe
he'll be too busy "moderating" marxism-intro, ugh....
    Aside to Anthony Caruso:  Don't know if my apology came
through or not.  It didn't to me.  I apologized for calling
your remarks "sophomoric" after discovering that you are a
high school senior.  I labeled them "senioric" instead and
apologized.  Party on, Tony!  BTW, since you are a
self-proclaimed "Godena supporter" (Is that kind of like
being a jock strap?), you could certainly help him out on
the China business.  He seems to have given up on it,
preferring to use his limited posts to discuss more
important issues such as how Adam Rose is an epigone....
     Louis P. strongly opposes the "market socialism" of
China, but he has not said "boo" on this, having more
important things to say, which I shall not repeat....
     BTW, the 14th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party
officially declared the PRC to be a "socialist market
economy" in October, 1992.
     That's all folks!  See a lot of you elsewhere.
Barkley Rosser
Professor of Economics
James Madison University
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 USA

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