Moderation and slander

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Oct 15 12:13:13 MDT 1996

On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> He's a cross between a prayer wheel and a kaleidoscope is our Lou. Always
> some new combination of unpolitical slurs and totally blind projection of
> his own hangups on others.

Louis: It seems to me that you haven't stood up for your buddy Malecki in
the last few days, Hugh. Now come on. In the dying agony of M1, we deserve
an answer from you. Which of the statements seems most plausible to you:

1) Somebody picks up a single leaflet and immediately starts telling
people that the GI's need to turn the guns around because the "enemy is at
home". Who needs a transitional program, aren't we ready for a
superwarp-hyperdrive program, like on Star Trek?

2) This same person next decides to burglarize construction sheds and
stockpile dynamite for use in "public places" and "power plants". Mr. Big
fucking expert on the US antiwar movement, tell us how this fits in to the
general profile of antiwar activity. Who was doing things like this? Are
we talking about an SDSer who spent 4 long years trying peacefully to
bring the war to an end, and then hooks up with the Weathermen in
frustration. No, we are dealing with an acidhead and Hollywood extra who
has never done a single political act in *his life* before.

Where by the way did you get the chutzpah to tell this list what the
Vietnam antiwar movement should have been doing. Is your understanding of
the mood of the GIs as informed as your understanding of what a
blue-collar worker would do after picking up a leaflet?

The reason I never figured you were from Sweden is that you never once
talked about the Swedish mass movement. You have never reported on a
demonstration or meeting you have been to. This rotten bloque of Swedes
has that in common, besides extreme stupidity. None of them ever seems to
get away from a computer.

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