Brief response to J. Ponce: Still stinking!

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Tue Oct 15 16:49:24 MDT 1996

You asked me, Ponce - whom I by no means am saying are
*not* a CIA agent, only I'm not quite certain you are one -
what I think of your reply.

Briefly: You and your mouthpiece Hugh Rodwell IMO stink
just as much as before. You are extreme reactionaries.
Against some comrades who represent and defend the PCP
I have some points of criticism which I hold to be rather
serious. I still by no means will compare them to *you*,
whom I've already once charcterized as NAJIBULLSHIT.
Your last post IMO only confirms this judgement.

Among other things, you speak of "the United Left" in
Peru as some kind of "postitive" entity. Their
*foul stench* can be clearly made out even here in
Sweden, I tell you. I know that kind of creeps from
their "cousins" here too. And you bring some more
vilifications against Mao Zedong's really internationalist
proletarian revolutionary line.

Nevertheless, I've nothing at all against showing you
my original criticism against the "RIM Declaration".
I'll do that somewhat later.

I'm holding the possibility open that you *might be* just
an uninformed bourgeois-thinking person, perhaps angered
by some bad action or other done by the PCP in Peru -
in most real revolutions, there are mistakes, and those
weaknesses I can see from here in the line of the PCP
*might* very well cause them to make serious errors in
Peru too; this IMO is a *possibility* and I *cannot* know
what more precisely is the case. In my judgement, the
PCP in the main *is* doing the correct thing and deserves
to be supported. *Your* "critisism", at the very "best",
is worth - zero or practically zero. Your political line
and your mouthpiece *stink*. How lucky was Hugh Rodwell,
whom I already have had under suspicion since that time
he called the *copper* Chris-B (UK) a "dedicated Maoist"(!!),
to find someone like you in Peru! How lucky was the CIA
to find someone like you to speak in defence of their
sinking "subversive carrier No. 1", the "RIMitz"! What
interesting coincidences!

Rolf M.

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