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Tue Oct 15 13:59:31 MDT 1996

Dear Mr. Ponce:

In your haste to reply you are making some serious mistakes and

On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell forwarded:

> To all my political arguments they could *only* reply with slanders and
> accusations that everybody is part of a CIA-Fujimori plot. Today, because
> nobody believe in their accusations, they have to enter in pettiness and
> stupid remarks.
>  Siddharth Chatterjee asked:
> Your last message was forwarded to the list by Hugh on 15th October 1996
> at 01:45:40 (Swedish time). In it after accusing Louis Godena of re-
> inforcing 'slandering', you quote from 'The letter that I sent two days
> ago' (see below). This letter that you quoted from was posted by Hugh on
> 14th October 1996 at 15:57:59 (Swedish time) - a time difference of
> approximately 9 hrs 45 min. How do you explain this time dialation of
> 14 hrs 15 min unless you can claim that the rest of us are either
> travelling at near the speed of light with respect to you, or even
> better, that we dwell on another planet 10000000000------- (fill in
> as many zeros as you want) the mass of the earth (where presumably
> you live) almost like a blackhole?
> Very simple. Some times I posted some messages and Hugh didn't re-send
> straight away. Some times a document which I wrote could be re-send to the
> list more than 24 hours late.

You are actually claiming here that the time elapsed between two of your
*consecutive* messages is MORE than the time elapsed for Hugh between
his forwarding your two messages to this list. So you say that it
took you 48 hrs or more between two of your successive messages but it
took Hugh 9 hrs 45 mins in between to post the same to this list one
after the other (see above). This is impossible under the normal laws of
physics that function on earth unless your dwell in the realms of
relativity! So the remark about time dialation is not stupid nor petty
at all. You have some explaining to do.

> Siddarth wrote that my messages come from the "Peruvian Minister of
> Information". I asked for proofs and nobody could give one because this
> Ministry doesn't exist!.

This is a false statement. I never wrote that your messages came from
the Peruvian Ministry of Information. What I had said in one earlier post
was that some one from the "Peruvian Ministry of Information(?)" had
sent a message to this list some time ago saying that they were receiving
messages from the list. The question mark above was meant to be exactly
that - that I was unsure of the exact source. Now it is clear that it
was actually from the Ministry of Foreign Relations as you can find in the
archives. You have repeatedly used this device of the "Peruvian Ministry
of Information" to confuse the matter so as to score debating points.

>Siddarth also accused a journal in which Doug
> wrote. Doug asked for proofs and he didn't receive any reply. If Siddarth
> wants to make more "contributions" there are some proofs which we are
> waiting for.

The 'proofs' that you are waiting for were sent to the list (and in
private to Doug) a few days ago. Here they are once again:


On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Doug Henwood wrote:

> Really? As a contrib editor of the magazine, I'd like to hear more. Which
> author, which article, which issue, and which official of Fujimori's
> government?
> Doug
> --
> Doug Henwood

Sorry for the delay in getting back. Here is the information:

1. See "The Nation", March 15, 1993 article by Sonia Goldenberg called
"Shining Path's American Friends", who is described as a Peruvian
journalist. Goldenberg may have been related to a high official of
the Peruvian govt. (neice of Peruvian US ambassador, not wife) according
to one source. In her article, Goldenberg references Robin Kirk's article
"Shining Path's War on Hope", The Nation, March 30, 1992 issue. If I
remember correctly, Kirk was exposed as a "senderologist" and not
truthful in this list sometime ago.

2.Sometime in mid 1993, there also was a full-page advertisement
in The Nation which was endorsed by liberals and academics against the
IEC and SP.


Reading all what you have written previously, it looks like it would
be futile to pursue any discussion on any subject matter with you Mr
Ponce or your other Trotskist protaganists. The same hash is re-cycled
again and again. I have this strange feeling that you actually live
in Sweden and not Peru. Anyway, you are not bound to disclose this


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