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Louis: Big surprise. Liberals and academics are opposed to the PCP. What
else would you expect? When is the last time a serious Marxist journal
presented the case for the PCP? I think the NACLA reporting has been
biased, but what is my alternative? "World to Win"? "New Flag"? The
problem is that the PCP has never seen it as being in its interest to draw
people into support activity beyond a very narrow Maoist milieu. So
instead of getting a speaking-tour sponsored by a coalition, you get PCP
supporters speaking at Revolution Bookstores. Talk about preaching to the
converted. PCP supporters have to become a lot more adroit in the way they
approach people who don't think that Stalin was the greatest revolutionary
in 20th century. The Chinese and the Vietnamese Communist Parties tried to
win as many people to their cause as possible and to avoid angry conflict
with those who didn't support it. This meant that Trotskyists, for
example, became prime movers in the antiwar movement even though their
comrades were repressed after WWII. More diplomacy and less accusuations
would help the Peruvian revolution more than anything else.

On Tue, 15 Oct 1996, Siddharth Chatterjee wrote:

> Sorry for the delay in getting back. Here is the information:
> 1. See "The Nation", March 15, 1993 article by Sonia Goldenberg called
> "Shining Path's American Friends", who is described as a Peruvian
> journalist. Goldenberg may have been related to a high official of
> the Peruvian govt. (neice of Peruvian US ambassador, not wife) according
> to one source. In her article, Goldenberg references Robin Kirk's article
> "Shining Path's War on Hope", The Nation, March 30, 1992 issue. If I
> remember correctly, Kirk was exposed as a "senderologist" and not
> truthful in this list sometime ago.
> 2.Sometime in mid 1993, there also was a full-page advertisement
> in The Nation which was endorsed by liberals and academics against the
> IEC and SP.

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