And More Caution! (Very short!)

Ang uls at
Tue Oct 15 16:59:15 MDT 1996


	Please, the time for your post appears to be upon us.  Don't let us miss out
on your insights.

>Last spring, at the height of his struggle for the right of the Revolution
to speak out in this list, it had 350 subscribers from about 30 countries,
many of whom were politically engaged people.  Wasn't this struggle important
for his mission to break the international isolation of the revolution? Didn't
he have to stand up against the most vicious resistence from the swamp of this
list, and yes, perhaps, even "sinister" attemps to remove him from the list by
a quite real blackmail. I am going to publish some materials and reflections
on this soon.  For now I would simply suggest that the coming "restructuring
of marxism" by the Spoons may be not unrelated to this topic.


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