And More Caution! (Very short!)

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at" at
Tue Oct 15 21:02:33 MDT 1996

Ang wrote:

> Vladimir,
>         Please, the time for your post appears to be upon us.  Don't let us miss out
> on your insights.
>                                 Ang
> >Last spring, at the height of his struggle for the right of the Revolution
> to speak out in this list, it had 350 subscribers from about 30 countries,
> many of whom were politically engaged people.  Wasn't this struggle important
> for his mission to break the international isolation of the revolution? Didn't
> he have to stand up against the most vicious resistence from the swamp of this
> list, and yes, perhaps, even "sinister" attemps to remove him from the list by
> a quite real blackmail. I am going to publish some materials and reflections
> on this soon.  For now I would simply suggest that the coming "restructuring
> of marxism" by the Spoons may be not unrelated to this topic.
> Vladimir

      If the list closes some time this week I am not going to make it. ( Family
is a reactionary institution, indeed).  It's a pity though. This list deserves
better than the whining "farewells" from its former cheerleaders. And how telling
is the inability of these "marxists" to give a political evaluation of  this
unique two-year long meeting in cyberspace! If I am late as it seems to be, I
will publish my reseach in M-general, and perhaps, elsewhere. Let me know if you
are not going to subscribe to M-general, and I'll mail it to you personally.



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