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Anthony J Caruso acaruso at
Tue Oct 15 14:06:57 MDT 1996

>>From time to time on various lists I sub*scribe to, there are
>people from the dirty rotten stinking imperialist country
>that make the mistake that this is America.  Sorry, this is
>not the evil empire, the United States.  This is the INTERNET.
>It is a cool place without national boundaries, and so far
>there is much more freedom to put forward your ideas on INTERNET
>than has ever existed in the U.S.
>I highly recommend Howard Zinn's book, "A Peoples History of the
>United States".  It exposes a lot of the myths about the "land
>of liberty".
>Jay Miles / Detroit

Anthony writes:

Mr. Miles:

Yes, as a Marxist, I have to agree that America is a cespool of
imperialism.  However...I believe that Karl Marx himself would advocate
the rights that America has provided to its peoples.  Indeed, if America
were TRULY a land of liberty, it would be a Socialist/Marxist country
instead of the instrument of bourgeois exploitation that it is.  I agree,
and, now that I think about it, I have to agree with what you said about
the internet.  Let's just be careful to not let the imperialists'
instruments of censorship infect this blessing, which has thus far been
the best thing since Marxism and sliced bread.  Ah yes, and as a student
who double-majors in both World and American History, I want to point out
that I am not a History Dummkopf.  I realise that America and its
government is not all that it says it is....Anyone ever heard of the
Council On Foreign Relations?  There's a good book about it, by an author
whose name I will obtain for the list's benefit, called "In the Shadows
Of  Power"

Fraternally In Marxism,

Anthony J. Caruso
acaruso at

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