On request: My "UNITE! Info #3en" once more

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Wed Oct 16 02:20:51 MDT 1996

J. Ponce, whose writings are forwarded by Hugh Rodwell
and who's engaging in an IMO very nasty slander campaign
against the PCP and its supporters, asked about my
"original criticism of the RIM". I'm not against obliging
political opponents, too, on such matters. So here, for
Ponce and perhaps for others who're interested but haven't
seen this before, I post (separately and in three parts)
once again my #3en, originally of 01.01.96 (article
published as leaflet 12.08.94). Large parts of it precisely
deal with the "RIM". I make no apologies to others for this
repetition (it was already once sent to this list too), since
I hold this article to be quite important.

Rolf M.

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