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Note / Anmerkung / Note / Nota / Anmaerkning:
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See information on the last page, Part 3(3) / Siehe Information auf
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As #3en  is posted, in 3 parts, a Net version of the article "Why Does
the RIM Help U.S. Imperialism Encircle the PCP?",originally published
by me in the (8-page, A4) leaflet INFORMATIONSBLAD No. 24 Eng,

After this leaflet was published (and distributed internationally as far
as possible), there have of course been important developments in
the matters discussed in it. I'll make no additions concerning these
here but refer the reader instead to later postings. Still under
preparation are the versions in German and in Spanish announced
as being planned in 12.8.94 intro notes to this article, which I myself
consider to be an important one and of lasting relevance.

 W H Y  D O E S  T H E  R I M  H E L P  U. S.  I M P E R I A L I S M

                  E N C I R C L E  T H E  P C P ?

                By Rolf Martens, Malmoe, Sweden


    Certain events which have taken place during the last 8-10 months
call for the attention of the adherents in all countries of the ideology
of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong.

    With the present article, the writer hopes to reach as many
comrades as possible - whether they call themselves "Marxist-
Leninists", as in Chairman Mao's lifetime the Chinese communists
and all we others who supported his eminently correct line always did,
some 20 or more years ago, or whether today they prefer calling
themselves "Maoists", as some do - and to reach as many genuinely
Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) parties as possible, if such parties today
already do exist (again) in the world. I'd like to put forward this
suggestion to everybody:

    Some consequences should be drawn from these events.

    The events in question show a seemingly very strange behaviour
on the part of the group of parties and other organizations known as
the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) towards one of the
parties which participate in that group, the Communist Party of Peru

    Both the RIM and the PCP (also called the "Sendero Luminoso")
are comparatively well-known internationally. And a considerable
amount of propaganda today states that that they are forces which
are upholding Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought - or
Maoism, as it has been called since 1982 by the PCP and since
26.12.1993 "officially" by the RIM as well.

    As will be shown in this article, only in part and to a certain
extent is this propaganda true. The PCP has indeed upheld and defended some
vital elements of the ideology of Marx, Lenin and Mao Zedong, and this under
very difficult circumstances. The information available here points to this
party's being justified in calling the armed uprising which it has led since
1980 against the reactionary regime in
Peru a "people's war".

    And one object of the present article is to support this people's
war and to support the PCP against that most massive "encirclement and
suppression" campaign which just now is being directed against it,
both in Peru itself and internationally.

    As for the RIM and its politically leading participant, the
Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) of the USA, it must be seriously
questioned whether these are genuinely revolutionary forces at all. The
answers to those questions depend, among other things, on whether
the comrades in the RCP and in other participants of the RIM will be
able to change their respective organization's just now truly scandalous
behaviour towards the PCP, or whether this will turn out to be

    Another object of this article precisely is to point out some very
clear reasons why the genuinely revolutionary forces in the world today
should *not* look to the RIM for political guidance. Yet another is to
point out where they *should* look for it.

    Such guidance of course is urgently needed. And an enormous
treasure of proletarian revolutionary experience today has been
collected, too, in the course of several decades of struggle. Those who
really want to understand what's going on in the world today and want
to represent and further the common interests of the overwhelming
majority of people do have access, at least in principle, to some
extremely powerful political weapons with which they can, and should,
do this, even, if need be, as single individuals.

    These weapons can be found, above all, in the writings of Marx,
Lenin and Mao Zedong, in the important documents of the once-
revolutionary extremely experienced Communist Party of China under
the leadership of Chairman Mao and in the likewise extremely
important documents of the former KPD/ML(NEUE EINHEIT) in
Germany - a party which probably is unknown to most readers but
which existed as a genuinely revolutionary proletarian force, and one
of quite exceptional qualities, between 1970 and, approximatively, the
end of the 1980:s. (See Note on the last page.)

    For a few notes on this experience, the reader is referred to the
last part of the present article. One of the important very negative things
which, all along, the RIM has been doing has been its massive
*blockade of information* about this experience, or, in part, its
*distortion* of it. Will the RIM dare discuss this publicly? Let's see.

            *Present-Day "Continuers" of Mao Zedong?*

    It will be shown here that the present behaviour of the RIM towards
the PCP by no means is an "accident" but only a very clear expression
of that line which has been prevailing in the RIM during its entire
existence, i.e. since 1984.

    That is a line of loudly lauding Mao Zedong Thought in words but in
reality distorting it and openly attacking vital parts of it. It's a
line of constantly misrepresenting the international situation in a way
which completely negates Mao Zedong's brilliant analysis of that situation
during his time and which favours important aims of U.S. imperialism and its
(now half-broken) superpower partner and competitor, Russian new tsarism -
formerly, Soviet social-imperialism. It's a line of ridiculously presenting
such phoney "leftist" but really ultra-rightist elements as the "Gang of
Four", whose line Mao Zedong combated just as intensively as he combated
Deng Xiaoping's openly rightist line, as "the real revolutionaries", etc, etc.

    That is the line of the RIM's basic document, the Declaration of the
RIM, jointly decided on by several organizations in 1984.

    One important error by the PCP, clearly showing the serious
weaknesses long present in that party's political line, precisely has
been its whole-hearted support for this Declaration, documented by
a letter to the RIM later in 1984.

    The PCP obviously has the support of millions of people in Peru.
And for more than 14 years it has led armed insurrection, during most
of that time under the direct leadership of its now imprisoned
chairman, comrade Gonzalo. It has at least shown the peoples of the
world that it's possible to take up arms against imperialism. However,
it never completely has understood that theory of the proletariat,
Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought. This its available
documents show, some of which go back as far as to the mid/late

    While comrade Gonzalo's achievements as a revolutionary leader
should be recognized, it's necessary also to see that he has not been
anything nearly like a complete "continuer" of Mao Zedong. The
reactionaries in general and the U.S. imperialists in particular have
been pleased to note such errors of his as the signing of the phoney-
"Marxist" Declaration of the RIM, which favours them so much.
Because of these, it has been in the interests of the reactionaries,
who today greatly fear undistorted Marxism, to encourage gross
overstatements of comrade Gonzalo's international importance and
even overstatements of the international importance of the people's
war in Peru, which, at the same time, is genuinely feared by the
same reactionaries.

    In this connection as in so many others, the imperialists are using
double tactics and have been trying to make a good thing serve a
bad. Recent events have made it easier for everyone to see through
this double-dealing.

        *The Reactionary Counteroffensive against the PCP*

    In September 1992, comrade Gonzalo (A. Guzma'n) was taken
prisoner by the reactionary regime in Peru. Shortly afterwards, several
other PCP leading cadres also were captured.

    The reactionaries under president-dictator Fujimori "sentenced"
comrade Gonzalo to lifelong imprisonment, put him into isolation and
threatened to kill him in prison. For this they were openly lauded by
some representatives of U.S. imperialism.

    On the part of other forces, an initiative was taken for an
international defence campaign. The International Emergency
Committee to Defend the Life of Dr Abimael Guzman (IEC) was
formally founded at a conference in Duisburg, Germany, in February,
1993, with participants from 33 countries in several parts of the
world. (I took part in that conference and currently am one of two
members in Sweden of the IEC's Steering Committee.)

    The IEC's campaign, extended over five continents, has been
supported by a considerable number of people. Undoubtedly,
it has increased the pressure of international public opinion on the
Peruvian reactionaries and their backers. On October 1, 1993,
Fujimori in person put up a show before the U.N. General Assembly,
initiating a massive propaganda manoeuvre intended to counter
this pressure and above all to try to quell the continuing armed
insurrection. (The start was 2 weeks earlier, I've learned.)

    Fujimori read out the first of a whole series of so-called letters
and other communications purportedly emanating from comrade Gonzalo and/or
>from other imprisoned PCP cadres including other leaders. The contents of
these supposed communications, released either directly by the reactionary
regime or by wholly unclear other sources, have been:

    Comrade Gonzalo and other prisoners supposedly "wish to
negotiate" a "peace settlement" directly with the regime. The PCP's
chairman, it's stated, "calls" from his cell for the other party members
to "fight for" such a settlement and to follow his "directive" on this.
Meanwhile, armed actions "must be suspended except in self-
defence". No mention whatever is made of the Central Committee,
the PCP's leading organ. Instead it's stated - by whom, nobody can
know with any certainty - that "the question of our Party's proletarian
leadership cannot be solved within a brief period of time".

    In short, the armed struggle "must" be led, and the question of
whether to negotiate or not decided on, from within the enemy's
prison camps!

    Clearly, either the "communications" containing this nonsense,
including a video tape shown on Peruvian television, are outright
fabrications, or else comrade Gonzalo and other comrades, as a
result of the pressure exerted on them, have in fact turned advocates
of capitulation. This of course is what the international openly
reactionary media have been maintaining during the last 8-10
months. Without further information, one cannot rule out such a
tragic possibility. But neither can the question of what is true or
false here be considered decisive.

      *The Declaration of the CC of the PCP of 7.10.1993*

    The propaganda manoeuvre received a quick and sharp reply. On
October 7, the Central Committee of the PCP issued an important
declaration. It confirmed the PCP's determination to continue waging
people's war in order to seize power in the whole country for the
proletariat and the people and to serve world revolution. It repudiated
and denounced what it called "the counterrevolutionary lie", expressly
attacking the sinister machinations in Peru by the CIA and stressing
comrade Gonzalo's imprtant role as leader of the party and of the

    Naturally, this principled stand deserved and needed the support
of the Marxist-Leninists in all countries, and still needs it.

    The declaration said nothing about possible negotiations. In
principle, of course there's nothing wrong with negotiating with the
enemy, or with one enemy, as long as you don't give up your arms.
Those who best know the concrete battle situation can best judge
whether negotiations should be tried. In this case, the decision of
whether to do so must be taken by the PCP's CC. The standpoint
"since we have suffered setbacks, our only chance is to negotiate"
amounts to capitulation, as does the idea "only certain prisoners of
the enemy can lead the war". Precisely against this was the 7.10.93
declaration directed.

    Is this declaration really by the CC of the PCP? By some
opponents of it, e.g. the author(s) of an anonymous paper entitled
"!Desenmascar la llamada 'Declaracio'n del CC'!" ("Unmask the
So-Called 'CC Declaration'!") and dated 5.11.93, it has been
suggested that it's a "forgery". But the "argumentation" of that paper
is quite weak, in part silly, and since its author(s) doesn't (don't)
even  dare to come out into the open, you have to ask: Who is it that
really needs to be unmasked here?

    One group of so-called "PCP supporters", the "Sol Peru'" in France,
which advocates capitulation, unwittingly has contributed towards
confirming the authenticity of the 7.10.93 declaration. This by copying,
word by word, large parts of that document, which it pretends doesn't
exist, in an opposing "declaration" of its own, published in No. 1 of its
magazine, Dec. '93. And the really suspect nature of that group itself
is further shown by the fact that, in its No. 2 issue, Feb. '94, it
openly advertises the reactionary provocations of the ill-famed "Red
Brigades" in Italy, a group whose real connections to ultra-rightist
forces including the CIA have long been publicly known.

    The facts, including not least a genuinely revolutionary spirit
present in the 7.10.93 declaration, which does have its weaknesses, too,
point to this document's being authentic. It's only logical that, as far
as I know, the openly reactionary international mass media haven't said
a word about it and obviously want to prevent all knowledge of its
existence. It's only logical that among its attackers are some
politically very suspect forces.

    In this situation, with the encirclement-and-suppression efforts
internationally sharply confronting the efforts at supporting the PCP,
what have been the actions of the RIM? Before going into this it's
necessary to describe somewhat closer what the RIM is and how it
functions. A closer look at the RIM shows something strange.

                *The Double Character of the RIM*

    On the one hand, the RIM is *not* an organization in its own right
but only a group, set or cluster of certain parties and other
organizations. These are in RIM terminology not called "members"
of the RIM but only "participants" of it. They have no publicly known
statutes or rules jointly decided on to regulate their cooperation with
each other within this framework, the RIM, which wasn't "founded"
but only "formated", in 1984.

    When it appears in this shape, "the RIM" of course cannot really be
criticized, for instance, for helping U.S. imperialism encircle the PCP.
It can hardly be criticized for anything, since, as an entity in this
shape, it can hardly do anything at all. The only ones which, in this
case, could be criticized are its "participating" parties etc, and this
then separately.

    On the other hand and at the same time, the RIM actually *is* an
organization of some kind. It obviously does have some rules, after
all, only these apparently are known only to a small number of people.
That is, it's a *secret society*.

    It's in this shape that the RIM appears, firstly, when it issues
statements of its own. This doesn't occur often, but on 26.12.1993, for
instance, two statements by "the RIM" were decided on. One of them
had to do precisely with the matter discussed here, the struggle of the
PCP. There must be some unknown rules by which the RIM's
participants can be called together and can jointly make a decision.

    Secondly, the RIM has an organ called the Committee of the RIM
(CORIM), which obviously it somehow controls. The CORIM also
issues statements and this more often, on various topics and e.g.
before each May 1. It's not publicly known how the participants of the
RIM jointly appoint the members of the CORIM, decide on the rights
and responsibilities of that organ and of its members etc, nor who
these members are.

    Physicists have long debated whether light consists of waves or of
particles. The preferred answer today is, that it's both of these things
at the same time. The RIM's nature is similar: It's two different things
at once, in the manner of a ghost, an actor playing two parts in a film
or a ventriloquist plus his/her dummy.

    Obviously, this "organisational form" which the RIM has, being a
mere "cluster of organizations" and at the same time a closely-knit
"secret society", is extremely unsuitable, to say the least, for any
forces which are really trying to represent the interests of the great
majority of people. It doesn't allow any supervision of, or influence
on, the decisions of the forces in question by the masses, such as
did, for instance, at least in the beginning, the organisatorical forms
of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Internationals, several decades ago.

    The RIM's organisatorical form is one which in fact would be
"suitable" only, for instance, for some representatives of reaction
trying, with whatever unwitting help from well-meaning but
inexperienced or ignorant people they could get, to stem up against,
encircle and suppress the genuinely revolutionary forces in the world.

(Continued in Part 2/3)

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