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UNITE! Info #3en, Part 2/3 [First posted: 01.01.96]

ENCIRCLE THE PCP?", originally published by RM in leaflet
INFORMATIONSBLAD No. 24 Eng, 12.8.1994: Part 2/3

(Continued from Part 1/3)

               *How Does the RIM Make Its Voice Heard?*

    The RIM has no official press organ. Pamphlets with its
Declaration, of 1984, have been published, in today over 20
languages, anonymously. They can be ordered from an organ called the
Information Bureau of the RIM, which, unlike the RIM itself and the
CORIM, has an official address, in London, Great Britain. (See
Note on the last page - in Net version, see Part 3/3) Advertisments
of this Bureau's appear in a magazine published, since 1985,
approximately half-yearly with some 90 pages per issue, the A World
to Win (AWtW), which has the same address. This magazine is
"inspired by" the RIM, it states, but is "not an official organ" of
it.  Its latest issue so far appeared in September, 1993.

    The standpoints of the RIM become known, except through the AWtW,
through what press its participants may have and by means
of leaflets etc distributed by them. No contact addresses of these
participants' appear in the pages of the AWtW except for that of the
RCP, USA, a party founded in 1975. When earlier this year I wrote
to the AWtW asking for information about possibly existing such
addresses, I received in reply only that of the RCP, together with the
information that only this RIM participant publishes regularly in
English. (See Note.)

    The RCP publishes weekly in English and Spanish the
Revolutionary Worker / Obrero Revolucionario (RW/OR), and about
quarterly the magazine Revolution / Revolucio'n. The RW/OR has
some 18 listed contact addresses in the USA including one in
Hawaii. It's obviously by far the most important mouthpiece for the
RIM, at least outside Peru. As various publications of the RCP
indicate, this party to a great extent has dominated the RIM
ideologically, too.

    Within the 3rd International, the Komintern of 1919-1943, the
Communist Party of the Soviet Union was sometimes half-jokingly
called the "father party" because of its dominating role in it. The
situation in the RIM is not quite similar in this respect (either), but
the RIM could rightly be described as having not only a "favourite
son" - the one it's now stabbing in the back - but also an "uncle
organization", the RCP, USA.

    All comrades in the USA may not be aware of this, but they should
be. Because of the RIM's "double trouble" organisational character,
we who are outside that "movement" cannot tell whether, or how, it
can be criticized from the inside. But, unless that party is a complete
fraud, it is possible to criticize the RIM within the RCP. The same
goes for the other RIM participants, too.

          *The RIM's Recent Behaviour towards the PCP*

    As far as can be ascertained from here at the time of writing, the
actions of the RIM in relation to the PCP since October, 1993, have

    Wholly and completely has the vital declaration of the Central
Committee of the PCP of 7.10.1993 been suppressed by the RIM
and by all organs over which it exercizes control or in which it has an

    The RIM neither has published that declaration, or arranged for
its being published, nor even has made the slightest reference to its

    Against the entire massive propaganda built up around the
"negotiations and peace communications" allegedly from comrade
Gonzalo and other imprisoned PCP leading cadres, not a word has
been said by the RIM. This not even after this propaganda attack
internationally had been developing for months, with the major openly
bourgeois and revisionist media supporting it to the hilt, and despite
the fact that other forces, also outside Peru, forces with much smaller
propaganda resources than those media, publicly have
counterattacked this propaganda manoeuvre since its start.

    Why wasn't the PCP's CC's declaration immediately reproduced in,
for instance, the Revolutionary Worker / Obrero Revolucionario? Why
wasn't the Committee of the RIM, for instance, convened as soon as
possible to defend the PCP against this serious attack?

    On December 26, 1993, the 100th anniversary of Mao Zedong's
birth, the RIM itself apparently somehow convened - whatever that
means. It issued two statements that same day. The first of these
contained the news that the RIM was now calling Mao Zedong
Thought "Maoism", as the PCP had done since 1982, later criticizing
all who didn't use this terminology of the PCP's as "less revolutionary".
Thus with that statement the RIM smiled at the PCP. With the second
it stabbed it in the back.

    The second statement, not published immediately as was the first
but only on February 6, 1994, in the RW/OR, was entitled "In Support
of People's War in Peru Led by the Communist Party of Peru and in
Defence of the Life of Chairman Gonzalo". It started out by stating
how "proud" the RIM had always been to count the PCP in its ranks
and that it considered the people's war led by that party as "the
foremost struggle against imperialism and reaction in the world

    Then what about that recent important development in this
"foremost struggle", the enemy's massive propaganda attack
intending to sow confusion and capitulationism? Not a word in this
"support" statement. What about the crucial reply to that attack, a
reply showing, among other things, that the CC of the PCP was still
functioning, in the existing extremely difficult situation? "Sorry,
comrades whom we're proud to have in our ranks. Your Central
Committee hasn't issued any declaration. Nor should anybody
outside Peru think it has."

    That's the meaning of such a statement's icy silence on this point.
 All earlier pronouncements by the CC of the PCP had been widely
propagandized by the RIM, and now there was silence. That was a
vicious attack on the 7.10.1993 declaration, and on the PCP's
Central Committee.

    The general phrases of "support" which the statement contained
could be of no assistance to the PCP when the burning question of
its fight against capitulationism pointedly was ignored. Nor could
the "piece of advice" which it may be read as also containing be of
any help. The only sentence in the statement which perhaps,
indirectly, touched on the concrete situation at the time was one
which lauded the PCP for being "flexible in tactics" in "new
situations". This may be read as: "You should now be flexible and
try negotiations". But the struggle going on wasn't about
"negotiations". It was against "negotiations and peace at any price".
So this "advice" was, if anything, worse than useless.

    The "uncle party" in the RIM, the RCP, USA, likewise has made no
comment of its own on the PCP's struggle against the capitulationist
attack, hasn't even reported it and thus, as a party, likewise in
practice is helping those trying to suppress it.

    While reporting Fujimori's visit to the USA on 1.10.93, the RW/OR
avoided all mention of the important thing which happened during
that visit, his reading out in the U.N. building the first of the
"letters" allegedly by comrade Gonzalo, initiating the massive
propaganda attack. Complete silence on this continued in the RW/OR
for six  weeks. After that, observant people could note that the text
in a box carried each week by the RW/OR and headlined by the number of days
comrade Gonzalo at the time had been held in isolation, had been changed

    From its issue of 21.11.93 and onwards, the RW/OR each week
now carries a second paragraph of text in that box. It reads in part:
"Recently, Fujimori claimed that Chairman Gonzalo has made a call
for negotiations from prison. In this situation, what possible excuse
can Fujimori now offer for continuing to deny Comrade Gonzalo
independent contact with....friendly and neutral visitors from outside
the prison...?" "It's vitally important for people in Peru and around
the world to hear what Chairman Gonzalo's views are from Chairman
Gonzalo himself - directly and unimpeded."

    This apparently is the "sum total" of the RCP's "reporting on" and
"standpoint in" the fierce struggle centred around this alleged "call".
Can anyone find this acceptable?

     *Other International Forces, Including the IEC, and the RIM*

    In contrast to the RIM, other political groups outside Peru have
supported the PCP's struggle against the capitulationist attack. In
France, the group Voie Prole'tarienne immediately reproduced the
7.10.93 declaration in its monthly, Partisan. (See Note.) The paper
Rossoperaio, Italy, also supports the PCP (July '94). According to the
April '94 issue of El Diario Internacional, a monthly aiming to "serve
the oppressed masses in Peru" and published in Brussels, Belgium,
the Partie de Travaille, Belgium, (PTB), the Communist Party of
Greece, the Communist Party of India and the Communist Party of
Turkey / Marxist-Leninist (TKP/ML) all have taken the same stand.

    The TKP/ML also is a RIM participant. I don't know whether, within
the framework of the RIM, it has opposed the RIM's opposite stand.
Most of us of course don't know whether, or how, it *could* do that,
if it wanted to.

    In several countries outside Peru there are groups having as their
proclaimed aim support of the people's war in that country and called
Movimientos Popular Peru' (MPP, People's Movements Peru). In
Sweden, as apparently in some other countries, the MPP has split
over the question of the "call" attributed to comrade Gonzalo. A
Stockholm group maintains that the "call" is genuine, and has been
misled into supporting the "prisoners must lead the war"
capitulationism. A Malmoe group opposes this, rightly supporting the
7.10.93 declaration - at least, locally.

    However, this group's members within the IEC group in Malmoe
also energetically opposed my suggestion that our group propose
that the IEC as a whole should publish this PCP CC declaration.
Why? Because "this might embarrass the RIM"(!). Some friends
here are sitting on two chairs at the same time. Here also is evident
the very negative influence exerted today by that entity, the RIM.

    As for the IEC, on the one hand, its executive organ, the
Coordinating Committee, immediately on Fujimori's release of the
two so-called "letters" to him allegedly from the imprisoned comrade
Gonzalo and comrade Miriam (E. Iparraguirre) issued a statement
condemning the reactionaries' psychological warfare and arguing,
citing that person's past record: "Why should anyone believe the
US-lackey Fujimori now?" (Emergency Bulletin No. 39, 20.10.1993).

    On the other hand, the IEC has *not* published the PCP's CC's
7.10.93 declaration - and even, as it turns out, has suppressed a
statement by its own chapter in Bolivia, of 7.2.94, which i.a.
expressly supported it. Why? Though of course not a party type but
a united-front type organization, the IEC would be quite justified in
reproducing, for information purposes, such a vital document. It did
reproduce internationally an earlier statement by the PCP's CC, of
December, 1992. Its fourthnightly or monthly Emergency Bulletins, in
English and in Spanish, have a considerable audience, being sent to
over 40 countries.

    Therefore I, in my capacity as IEC Steering Committee member,
on April 12, 1994, sent the IEC's Coordinating Committee a letter
which I requested it circulate to all other SC members as well,
proposing that we as an organization should see to it that, at last,
that important PCP CC declaration did reach a wider audience
internationally. This was after the IEC Malmoe group had declined to
support such a proposal.

    In contrast to the RIM, the IEC does have publicly known rules, its
by-laws. They were decided on by us delegates from the different
countries at its founding conference. They stipulate, i.a., that "The
IEC is led by its Steering Committee" and that this committee's
members  have the right to "make suggestions to the Officers and
the Coordinating Committee on any question and to have these
suggestions circulated to all other members of the Steering
Committee upon request".

    However, my suggestion of 12.4.94 has still *not* been circulated.
I've received no explanation why. Regrettably, the IEC's executive
organ is going to the length of non-compliance with our
organization's by-laws in order to prevent international knowledge
of the PCP's CC declaration. Doesn't this likewise mean helping
U.S. imperialism encircle the PCP?

    It's natural to conclude that this quite unacceptable action has
something to do with the IEC:s very close connection to the RIM. Its
Coordinating Committee all along has been based at the same
address in London which also houses the RIM-inspired magazine
AWtW and the Information Bureau of the RIM. The IEC often has
advertised the RIM as internationally leading defender of comrade
Gonzalo's life. Conversely, its campaign has been reported on as
a major event in the world today by the organ of the RIM's "uncle
party", the RCP, USA. The IEC in fact may be described as an
"enlarged family circle" of the RIM's.

  *An Organizer and a Discussion at the IEC's Founding Conference*

    It may be relevant in this context to recount two different things
which I noted in the course of the IEC's founding conference, as a
whole a quite successful event of considerable importance. Among
those organizing that event, at the Kulturzentrum Effendi, Duisburg, on
February 27-28, 1993, a small number of German-speaking persons
of U.S. origin working closely together appeared to be in charge. One
of them I had encountered before. Some of the conference's nearly
1000 participants may recall, among those in charge of translation,
seating etc, a smallish person with a red handkerchief tied around his

    This person's name is Rob Weltman - or it was, in Sweden ten
years earlier. He was then the most influential leading member of the
PGS, an organization in Sweden with the proclaimed aim: "For a
Democratic Palestine". But it no longer supported armed struggle nor
even combated zionism as such. As a member, I criticized this,
pointing out, and publicly proving, that Rob Weltman was working for
forces wishing to subvert the PGS. For this I was kicked out of the
PGS, in 1983. But some leaflets published by me must have made
Weltman's position untenable in the PGS, perhaps in Sweden, too, in
the long run. His turning up in Duisburg ten years later need not mean
much concerning the character of the IEC. But it does seem to
indicate that some very shady forces indeed were involved in the
founding of that "enlarged family circle" of the RIM's.

    At the conference's IEC Steering Committee plenum, our first and
so far only, one member proposed that the already developing
international campaign include a call for the liberation of comrade
Gonzalo. This was supported by some other members including me.
I i.a. pointed at a nearby big banner proclaiming comrade Gonzalo to
be "the most important political prisoner in the world today" as an
argument why of course we should demand that prisoner's freedom.
But the proposal met curiously strong resistance on the part of other
speakers, who argued its being "useless" since "only the people's
war can liberate Abimael Guzman". The matter was not voted on.

    Why was this proposal considered so "useless" by some? There
are several instances of political prisoners' having been freed
precisely as a result, at least in part, of national or international
public-opinion pressure. One originally scheduled speaker at the
conference, Jose' Maria Sison, founding chairman of the Communist
Party of the Philippines, which since 1970 has led a people's war
against the regime, himself had been thus released from captivity in
connection with the fall of Marcos in 1986.

    Originally, when issuing the call "Move Heaven and Earth to
Defend the Life of Comrade Gonzalo!" immediately after his capture,Committee
of the RIM had ended it by saying: "We Need
Comrade Gonzalo at His Post, in the Forefront of the Revolution in
Peru and the International Communist Movement - Fight for His
Liberation!". But soon afterwards, that last very natural and just call
disappeared from the RIM's propaganda; by February, '93, RIM
adherents were dead against it as "useless".

    Why this; why the RIM's so "illogical" change of heart?

    There are good reasons to suspect that those persons who
behind the stage are controlling the RIM, persons who are just as
faceless as were the hooded "judges" who "sentenced" comrade
Gonzalo, in reality never did want his liberation but only wanted a
certain propaganda to be focused on him as someone who
"guaranteed" the "correctness" of the RIM Declaration's reactionary
international political line. Perhaps the IEC campaign was already
growing "too" fast and being supported by "too" many people for the
liking of some of its initiators, so that they now saw a "risk" that an
international demand for comrade Gonzalo's freedom might actually
succeed in bringing it about.

  *Why Does the RIM in Fact Help U.S. Imperialism Encircle the PCP?*

    Because of many facts already recounted above, it's necessary here
openly to voice the suspicion that those unknown persons who control
the RIM in its "secret society" shape in reality are agents of reaction
and that this is the reason why today the RIM is helping U.S.
imperialism encircle the PCP. These persons hereby are asked to step
forward to explain their actions, so that this suspicion may be either
allayed or else confirmed.

    The situation for the PCP obviously is a very difficult one, both
in Peru itself and internationally. For the latter part of this at least,
the RIM is very much to blame. Nothing has been heard here
>from the CC of the PCP since its 7.10.93 declaration. Possibly, the
information blockade just now is very tight. But there are reports
indicating that the people's war continues.

(Continued in Part 3/3)

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