Adios, Marxism List!

detcom at detcom at
Tue Oct 15 23:18:20 MDT 1996

So long everybody!  I have learned a lot from being
on this Marxism list and kinda feel like we have all
been on a "long march" of sorts.   I hope to see all
the friends of the Proletarian Revolution at Yenan!

And all you cops, snitches, Fujimori agents and
other enemies and traitors of the Revolution, I hope
to soon see the day your entrails are festooned from
the lampposts!  That will be a festive day when the
people speak their bitterness and fix your wagons!

Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!
Long Live the World Proletarian Revolution!
Long Live the Revolutionary Peoples of the World!
Combat and Resist!
Give Unflinching Support to the Revolution in Peru!
Long Live the World Wide Mobilisation Commission to Defend the Revolution in
Give Unflinching Support to the Revolution in All Countries of the World!
Long Live the Heroic Struggles of the Working Class and the Labouring Masses
all Over the World!
Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Jay Miles
Peru Support Committee/Detroit
P.O. Box 23306
Detroit, MI  48223
(313) 730-5213 (messages)

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