Nuke sabotage "negotiations" in Sweden

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Wed Oct 16 01:53:32 MDT 1996

Nuke sabotage "negotiations" in Sweden  [Posted: 16.10.96]

According to information in the papers today, in the continued
negotiations among the political parties on actions concerning
the nuclear power plants in Sweden, the Minister of Commerce
and Industry here, Anders Sundstroem, social-democrat,
yesterday put forward as conditions for those other parties
which would wish at all to continue negotiations, that they accept:

1) To decide that one of the 12 well-functioning nuclear reactors
for electricity production in Sweden be *shut down and destroyed*
during the present parliamentary mandate period, i.e. before the
end of 1998

2) To agree that substitute energy must come from "ecologically
sustainable" energy sources, "e.g. biological fuel"

3) To agree that the supply of electricity "shall not decrease"
compared to that of today.

Next week, this Minister will meet with representatives of the
other parties to find out which of them may continue negotiations.

*That's* "negotiating" for you! *That's* a really "contemporary"
policy for "Commerce and Industry" - wouldn't everybody agree?

What massive damage this would do to the entire industry, to
the economy of ordinary people here, if put into effect, is obvious.

Some brief points of information:

Sweden is - still, because of earlier "merits" - the country in the
 world that has the largest amount of nuclear energy produced per
capita and year. The population here is 8.5 million; there are
four nuclear power stations, with in all 12 units of altogether
10 GW electrical energy effect, producing per year some 70 TWh
out of those 140 TWh of electricity annually needed in Sweden.

In 1980, there was a "consultary referendum" on nuclear energy
in Sweden, in which everyone was allowed to "choose" between,
"no", "no", "no" and "no opinion". (It's true!) Later in that year,
Parliament decided that nuclear energy was to be "phased out"
(as is the nice Orwellian phrase for it here), i.e., shut down and
then completely banned for all future, in 2010. Later legislation
and other actions against nuclear power have all been - and
are still today - being stated by the politicians to be "based on"
the abovementioned "referendum".

In 1984, all further construction of nuclear power plants in
Sweden was banned by law.

In 1987, a law banning all research and projecting with a view
to construct a nuclear power reactor in this country, the infamous
"Brainwash Paragraph", came into effect. Recent protests
against it by 102 scientists were turned down last June by the government.

Last winter, after a dry spell (the remaining annual 70 Twh of
electricity here in the main come from hydropower), a nascent
energy crisis appeared. Several chemical-fired reserve
plants had to be started - and they're more or less all running
today - and massive *importation* from the neigbouring four
countries Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany had to
be relied on, which still turned out to be insufficient. For a
couple of weeks, certain industries did not get enough

The prices on the Scandinavian / North European common
electricity markets have risen to an unprecedented level -
more than 6 (US) cents per kWh. (Nuclear power plants here
produce at 2.2 cents per kWh. As a private consumer in
Malmoe, I pay 12 cents; some consumers even pay 15 cents.)

The social-demoratic government here is a minority government.
During that party's congress last March, it decided to put
forward that proposal on the closing down and destruction of
one reactor before the end of 1998 which is now under

Any comments and/or suggestions anyone might have
concerning the present governmental actions and plans as
to nuclear energy in Sweden, I suggest you e-mail to the
government here, c/o the Prime Minister, at:

statsministern at

Together with some allies, I'm engaging in a petition signature
collecting campaign here (actually originally proposed by me)
for the demands:

A real referendum on nuclear energy!
Scrap the plans to scrap nuclear power plants!
Raise the ban on nuclear power plants!
Abolish the research ban!

Rolf M.

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