Moderation and slander

Jorn Andersen jorn.andersen at
Wed Oct 16 07:23:55 MDT 1996

At 14:13 15-10-96 -0400, Louis N Proyect wrote:

>The reason I never figured you were from Sweden is that you never once
>talked about the Swedish mass movement. You have never reported on a
>demonstration or meeting you have been to. This rotten bloque of Swedes
>has that in common, besides extreme stupidity. None of them ever seems to
>get away from a computer.

Louis, wrong again.
Actually, Malecki has posted quite a lot on Sweden, even from his local
area. The stick you try to beat them with impressed me somewhat the first
times I heard the argument "Why don't you write on what happens in your own
... etc." from you. But as I have never seen you reply to any of their
stuff on Sweden (but loads of "replies" on anything else) I can't help the
feeling that you have other motives. Just can't find out which ...


See you somewhere else

Jorn Andersen

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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