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Revolutionary History, Vol.5 No.4, £3.95/ $US 7.50

Through Fascism, War and Revolution:
Trotskyism and Left Communism in Italy

Editorial	p.1
Paulo Casciola, Alfonso Leonetti: a Turncoat Trotskyist	p.3
Alfonso Leonetti, Why I Am Rejoining the Italian Communist Party	
Paulo Casciola, Nicolo do Bartolomeo (1901-1946)	p.23
Paulo Casciola, Pietro Tresso and the early years of Italian Trotskyism.	
Paulo Casciola, Blasco’s people.	p.92
Paulo Casciola, Some Historical Vignettes.	p.101
Pierre Broué, The Italian Communist Party, the War and the Revolution.	
Arturo Peregalli, The Left Wing Opposition in Italy during the Period of
Resistance.	p.123
Paulo Casciola, Trotskyism and the Revolution in Italy (1943-44)	
Provisional European Secretariat of the Fourth International, Manifesto
to the Italian Workers, Peasants and Soldiers.	p.173
Paulo Casciola, The Troubled Relations Between the Communist Workers
Party and the Fourth International.	p.179
Obituaries of Margaret Dewar (Logie Barrow), William Campbell Tait (Mark
Shipway) and Adam Westoby (Karen Blick)	p.190
Reviews of the ICC’s The Italian Communist Current, (Al Richardson);
Robin Blick’s The Seeds of Evil: Lenin and the Origins of Bolshevik
Elitism, (Dave Bruce); Drucker’s Max Shachtman and His Left, (Jim
Higgins); Pipes’ Russian under the Bolshevik Regime, (Simon Pirani);
Bradley’s Slavery and Society at Rome, (Al Richardson); Frederick Engels,
International Socialism Special Issue, (Al Richardson); Silber’s
Socialism: What went Wrong (Walter Kendall); and Ngo Van’s
Revolutionaries They Could Not Break (Al Richardson).	p.196
Letters from Baruch Hirson on Victor Serge and China, from Curtis Price
on Left Communism in France, from Mike Jones on Jan Valtin, from Ian
Birchall on Al Richardson’s review of Cliff’s book on Trotsky and an
Exchange on Bolivia between Masas, no.1345, the paper of the Bolivian POR
and José Villa on the Bolivian issue of Revolutionary History,  Vol.4,
No.3, The 	p.232

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