To Hans and the list...

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sun Sep 1 00:51:20 MDT 1996

Hans wrote;

 Things are not finalzed yet, but it looks
>like we will have a moderating team for that list consisting of a team
>of stable, seasoned, and respected revolutionaries;

Who are these "stable, seasoned and respected revolutionaries"?

And another thing which i find quite interesting is that people were
critising you for not throwing malecki off the list, Which people and
when.When I demanded someone ones removal from the list it was a public
statement giving exact reasons. Not some private Email intrigue in back of
the scenes.

Finally are the new lists open to all who follow the rules.

I recently saw an announcement for a new list called left unity where
Stalinists were not welcome.

I disagree with this policy because of the basic principle of workers
democracy which i defend. And just the formulation "Stalinist" smells of and
act of political cowardness. Stalinists will not just go away or be banned
they must be confronted and defeated politically. In fact just the idea of
banning the Stalinists from the left unity list is Stalinist!

bob malecki

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