A letter of thanks to Klasber from the SkMFK

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sun Sep 1 02:54:05 MDT 1996

[To <klasber at aol.com>, I've just now posted the following
message on behalf of the SkMFK, which perhaps may interest
list subscribers too. On the SkMFK, local branch of the MFK,
Sweden, which of course is not a party-political organization
(see below) but one dealing with an issue of common concern to
its members irrespective of their political affiliations, I'll
bring some more information later - we i.a. since last
February are engaged in a signature collection about which
information has also already gone out on the Net. - RM]


(Inh. H. Dicke)
Koernebachstrasse 50
D-44143 Dortmund

Esteemed citizens,

On 24 May of this year, we the SkMFK, local branch of
MFK (Environmental Friends For Nuclear Power), Sweden,
received one copy in German and one in English of your
April 1996 leaflet "NEUE EINHEIT special issue #25:
10th Anniversary of the Chernobyl Cathastrope: The
Decisive Facts Must at Last Be Brought into the Public".
The leaflets were sent to the SkMFK c/o my postal address.

I was autorized, as chairman of our local association,
by its annual meeting on 17.06 to send this letter
thanking you for this. Copies of the leaflets will be
distributed to all members of the SkMFK in connection
with our starting activities again after the summer
recess and also to the central leadership of the MFK,
which has probably already seen the text as posted by
you on the Internet in April.

On our annual meeting, I briefly informed the other
members present of the fact that your organization
and I during the years 1974-1990 had a close cooperation,
including among other things joint combat against the
anti-nuclear-energy campaign about which I received
important information from you, that there since 1990
had been sharp differences on issues of principle between
us and that I on my part nevertheless welcomed that
standpoint of seeking cooperation with us on a united-
front basis on this particular issue which was expressed
by your sending us this information material.

On behalf of Skaanes Miljoevaenner Foer Kaernkraft
(SkMFK, Scanian Environmental Friends For Nuclear Energy),

Rolf Martens

[So far the letter from SkMFK to <klasber at aol.com>.]

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