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Sun Sep 1 03:43:06 MDT 1996

[As part of the present campaign for a real nuke referendum in
Sweden, and in particular of course in order to seek international
support for that campaign, I on 01.03.96 posted to newsgroups
the below, which I believe may be of some interest to readers
of this list too. - RM]

Here I'm posting a translation of a SkMFK press release / invitation
of yesterday. The petition text that goes with it is posted,
separately, one more time, as "Text again".


                   *PRESS RELEASE / INVITATION*

The *Environmental Friends of Scania For Nuclear Power*, local
branch of Environmentalists For Nuclear Power (MFK), invites to a

                        *PRESS CONFERENCE*

in connection with our recently started petition signature
collecting campaign for the demands:


Time:     Friday, March 1, 1996, 15.30 hrs
Place:   Institution for Physics, Soelvegatan 14 C, Lund [Sweden]

*Why are we conducting this campaign?*

The reasons for this are largely apparent from the introductory
text of our signature collecting lists. A copy of them is appended
to this message. [See separate posting "Text again"]

*What more should be said about the background?*

On *the association MFK* and its aims, see its Internet home pages:

*The SkMFK* [Scanian local branch] was formed (in 1993) in order
to develop locally a discussion on the factual issues and to
participate in the public debate. Not all MFK members in Scania
are members of it; by far the majority of them, or appr. 150, are
affiliated directly to the MFK nationwide organization, which has
approximately 2000 members in all. Active in the SkMFK are barely
some 10 members. Despite our smallness, we believe it's possible
for us to play a not insignificant role in society, because of:

1)     The extremely great importance which our (above) demands
       have, for future prosperity and good environment in Sweden,
       and, indirectly, in other countries as well.

2)     The very massive support which we believe there is from people
       in general, in this part of the country and elsewhere, for these

With the central leadership of the MFK, which does not as nationwide
organization participate in this action, we in the SkMFK have
discussed whether such a campaign has chances of success and
what shape it should have for it to have the greatest such chances.
If and when the MFK as a whole decides on a campaign similar to our
present, we will go over to supporting and participating in that action.

*We intend to do our best to contribute towards bringing the
development back onto its correct track*

"Controlled nuclear fission is the most important discovery of mankind
since the use of fire." So said double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling in
the '50:s. This was approximately correct.

Precisely in Sweden, earlier, more nuclear electricity production
capacity per inhabitant was constructed than in any other country.
Before 1970, all those parties represented in Parliament were in
agreement on the great positive significance of this energy source.

Today, one quarter of a century later, the situation here is exactly
the opposite. All parties agree in holding that nuclear energy, in the
shorter or the longer run, should be done away with. Construction,
even research, is prohibited by law.

For this there are no scientifically tenable reasons, only political
ones, and very bad ones too. This 180-degrees turn towards a
retrogression a la the 17th century Inquisition must be reversed. At
this very moment, there already is rationing of electricity for several
important industries.  The threat to prosperity is acute.

[So far the SkMFK press release posted 01.03.96]

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