"Delete the Brainwash Paragraph!" (MFK, se, '95)

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[The below was posted by me to newsgroups in mid-Feb. - RM]

I'm posting here a statement by the 1995 annual meeting of our=20
association Miljoevaenner Foer Kaernkraft (MFK), Sweden,
which IMO merits attention also internationally. For address,
homepages etc of this organization, see end of this article.


by the Annual Meeting of Environmentalists For Nuclear Power=20
(Sweden) in Lund on March 25, 1995

     The association Environmentalists For Nuclear Power on the=20
occasion of its annual meeting, on this day, with the below statement=20
protests against and demands the abolition of the first line of =A7 5a=20
and the entire  =A7 6 of the Law Concerning Nuclear Technology.


     For a long time past, Western culture has been inseparably=20
connected to the idea of freedom of thought. This has not always=20
been a self-evident thing, though the quarters of resistance to it=20
have varied. In ancient times it was above all religion that played=20
this less glorious role, and in this connection the experience of=20
Galilei is well known.=20

     The age of Enlightenment brought great progress, not least=20
as to combat against various forms of superstition. We limit ourselves=20
to mentioning the witch-trials which were finally stopped, above all=20
thanks to the efforts of Urban Hjaerne. After the great material=20
progress during the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th=20
century, it was thought that phenomena of this kind were extinct for=20
all future. We here disregard those rather harmless predictions of the=20
astrologists which are well-known from weeklies and tabloid papers.=20

     However, new fields of force were established, above all within=20
certain political creeds. The best- known is the Soviet geneticist=20
Lysenko, who for several decades ruled supreme within this science.=20
As is well known, he championed the teaching, appealing to the=20
political leaders, that acquired qualities could be inherited, and=20
researchers who did not accept this dogma were effectively barred from=20
continued work. Swedish geneticists played an honourable role when they=20
forcefully combated this superstition which put up unsurmountable=20
barriers to serious Soviet genetics.

     We now come to the main point of this statement. In the year 1984,=20
the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) established a new law whose =A7 5a=20
has a first line reading, simply: "Permission to build a nuclear power=20
reactor must not be given". In the year 1987, on the proposal of the=20
minister of energy, the =A7 6 was added: "No one is allowed to draw up=20
construction designs, calculate costs, order equipment or take such=20
other preparatory measures in order within this country to build a=20
nuclear power reactor" - known as the "Brainwash Paragraph".=20

     As sole country in the world, Sweden has criminalized a certain=20
type of research, probably in order to satisfy a vociferous but more=20
and more shrinking body of opinion. This is nothing less than an=20
international scandal! We hold that Sweden must live up to the image=20
of a country of culture, and that all official superstition must be=20
combated. We consider it a point of honour by all means at our=20
disposal to defend freedom of research!

Lund 1995-03-25

Annual Meeting of Miljoevaenner Foer Kaernkraft (MFK,=20
Environmentalists For Nuclear Power)

Indrek Martinson			=09
Chairman			=09
Professor of Physics=09

Carl-Erik Froeberg
Member of Steering Committee
Professor Em.of Numerical Analysis

Translation from the Swedish by RM, March '95

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E-mail address: mfk at sbbs.se

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[So far the statement of the MFK on 25.03.1995=20
with some added notes.]

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