Are Jesus, Buddha & Company Enemies of the People?

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Sun Sep 1 05:44:23 MDT 1996

Richard,  on September 1:

>...I do not think that we need to wage war against religion, only certain
>aspects of it.   In the process of building the new society, it will be
>seen by people as irrelevant, and just whither away.

And just what "aspects" of this obscurantist,  reactionary authority would
we "wage war" "against"?     By postulating the notion of a Supernatural
Being,  exempt from human analysis and reason,  all religions,  not just
those with uncongenial social or political tenets,  place themselves outside
the pale of modern,  rational human society.

Religon today,  like the major political parties with which it is frequently
allied,  is useful only for mobilizing the forces of hatred,  bigotry,  and
fear against those which are urging us,  ambiguously and with frequent
violence,  into the future.

Louis (G)

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