Are Jesus, Buddha & Company Enemies of the People?

Karl Carlile joseph at
Sun Sep 1 07:29:28 MDT 1996

RICHARD BOS: The reason why Marx did not like the term "ideology" is because socialism
is a science, and not an ideology. I think that it answers a lot of the
questions that you say science doesn't. If you are a socialist/communist
and have a scientific way of thinking then accepting something such as a
faith is a big jump away from science. The human need for ceremonial is
well known, but that is not an arguement for religion; otherwise it could
equally be an arguement for the monarchy.

KARL CARLILE: Your understanding of science leaves a lot to be
desired when you intimate that it is the opposite to faith. Faith
and science are inclusive of each other. Science is a form of faith.
Most people are almost entirely ignorant of the nature of modern
science yet have faith in it. There are few workers who would say
that they dont accept science as valid. Most scientists in their
day-to-day work accept scientific fundamnetals on faith. Science is
thought in schools in the way that religion is taught in schools.
It is thought on the unquestioned assumption that it is valid.

                                          Karl Carlile

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