Science equals faith?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Sep 1 10:09:31 MDT 1996

Louis Godena wrote:

>PS:  And, thanks to you,  Karl,  I just about crushed my breast-bone
>reaching over for my dictionary to check my spelling of  "staccato".
>Jesus God-damn Shit Fucking Christ!!

Louis, you should look after yourself better! Ergonomics in the service of
longer and better socialist lives...

And it wasn't *really* Karl's fault you did yourself an injury, now, was it?

I'd suggest you spell-checked 'God-damn', too, but don't want to put you at

And while, in the final instance, I agree with your point about the
testability of scientific knowledge as practised and taught, I think you
exaggerate the empirical rectitude of a lot of scientists and teachers, who
are as reluctant to ditch ingrained beliefs/prejudices as the next Catholic
(phlogiston, relativity, etc). And there's always the problem of the
fundamental axioms we work from, which are accepted provisionally on the
basis of dialectical (argumentational) demonstration, as they are
inaccessible to rigorous proof by analytical logic.

What I think will probably happen as far as the religion question goes, is
that given a strong revolutionary socialist movement, believers who want to
fight will fall over themselves to find good reasons for combining
militancy in struggle with traditional juju worship, and will accept the
requirements for participating in the mobilization with little question.



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