Is Spoons an area of serious struggle? If so, let's be serious.

Ang uls at
Sun Sep 1 10:43:57 MDT 1996

Malgosia writes:
We don't just have a "wonderful voluntary technical commitment" to our lists.
We create them with a certain purpose in mind.  We want to open up certain
kinds of spaces, and we have no commitment -- technical or otherwise -- to
supporting lists that we don't see as working in the spirit of this "opening";
lists that develop the kinds of "controls" that, in effect, shut
out people who neither want to shout nor grapple with the constant shouting of
But, irrespective of this and as has been repeated ad nauseam, the rebuilt
marxism list-set will include an unmoderated list, marxism-general.  Have you
been reading these announcements?  If so, why still these calls to
gift-giving? In any case, the plan to have an unmoderated list has been
proclaimed more than enough, and this is the last time I'll say it.

To Malgosia,

	I apparently haven't been very clear in my posts.  What am I railing against?
 I guess I just had an unrealistic expectation for both this internet medium
and a group that supports a list calling itself "Marxist".  There are some
things that shouldn't be controlled by anyone, some fundamental things that
shouldn't have to be paid for - I'd include food and shelter and yes even
computer server space that allows humans to conveniently communicate with one
another.  To me it is kind of abhorrent that there are 12 people who have this
access to computer server space and technical whatnot that say, forward your
suggestions for various Marxist lists to the 12 of us and if we find them
interesting, if they serve our purpose of being "in the spirit of [an]
opening" (whatever the hell that is), we'll support them.
Most likely I am just appealing to the conscience of the 12  who indicate some
support of communist principles ("Spoon would never have supported a marxism
list for two years if it were not interested in human development and
emancipation, would it?"  This role that they continue to play seems kinda
contradictory and I guess we can count ourselves lucky that the 12 came to the
conclusion (and this was not a given, it was debated amongst them) that they
will support an unmoderated list.  (Is it true that this unmoderated general
list will not be controlled in anyway, no matter how subtle?  If not, please
advise of the specifics.)

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