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Sun Sep 1 22:41:21 MDT 1996

Dear friends,

i think Karl Carlile  is in a muddle in his  exchange with Lou Godena on
religious mysticism.

When Karl C. makes his argument   putting faith and science on an equal level,
as Godena points out ,he is abandoning the scientific method and is conciliating
religious mysticism and obscurantism, objectively at the least..

When Karl C. says "nobody can prove there is a god or there is not a god",
he deserts the field in defense of scientific materialism and dialectics and
joins the camp of AGNOSTICISM or as Engels called it, "shamefaced materialism"

Agnosticism is a PHILOSOPHICAL doctrine,  long combatted by scientific
>from Engels , Lenin, Lukacs ,and right up to the recent period. THey showed how
agnosticism in philosophy
was a way of not only placating mysticism but other form of bourgeois ideology .
E.g. agnosticsm promotes the concept  that human reason is quite limited and
cannot ever know the basic nature of things. It is the liberal ideological
armour of Hume, Kant , Dewey,  Mach and Spencer
and is a bridge for bringing idealist political doctrines of the ruling class
into the socialist  & workers movements..

These trends must be , combatted again, even today.
Godena has been as sharp as a tack doing this the last few days as have others
on this list, & i have learned a lot out of this.


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