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NEIL: i think Karl Carlile  is in a muddle in his  exchange with Lou Godena on
religious mysticism.

When Karl C. makes his argument   putting faith and science on an equal level,
as Godena points out ,he is abandoning the scientific method and is conciliating
religious mysticism and obscurantism, objectively at the least..

When Karl C. says "nobody can prove there is a god or there is not a god",
he deserts the field in defense of scientific materialism and dialectics and
joins the camp of AGNOSTICISM or as Engels called it, "shamefaced materialism"

KARL: An adequate proof that there is no god has not yet been
presented in public. The point is you cannot prove scientifically
this kind of negative. There cannot be proof of a god just as there
cannot be proof that there are no leprauchens in Ireland. The point
is that the claim that a god is exists is a hypothesis that cannot be
proven or disproven. There are lots of hypotheses advanced
which cannot be proven to exist or not to exist (UFO's).

The real point is that the hypotheses that there is a god or
leprauchans in Ireland are unnecessary and of no current value either
to modern science or marxism.We can then let the matter rest
essentially at that. To go on and on interminably trying to prove
that god does does or does not exist is an ideological exercise that like
all contemporary ideological exercises serves the interests of

Your references to Engels are ironical in the light of the fact
that Engles believed in god.

                                                            Karl Carlile

                              Yours etc.,

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