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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Sep 2 00:55:39 MDT 1996

>LCMRCI: Entrim could be a valid TACTIC inside the SLP. That means that a
>revolutionary group should denounce Scargill and the SLP as reformists and
>that it should maintain a revolutionary press and intervention.
>Karl Carlile: If entryism "could be a vaid TACTIC inside the the SLP" then
>you think it could be a valid tactic with regard to the British
>Labour Party? And if you answer is no why so?
>LCMRCI: Yes! We are in favour of be inside the Labour Party and for a
>critical vote for Labour in next election. This is our position:

And just why the Labor Party and  "critical" support may i ask.

As far as entrism is concerned i thought that for Trotskyists it was a
tactical approach to splitting the revolutionary wing  developing inside of
a reformist party
>from the reformists. Not a deep entry and trying to pressure the reformist
party from the left.

What are the conditions in the SLP or Labor Party for running and operation?
Are there possibilities of a split in these formations?

Or are you just fighting about which reformist group to capitulate too ?

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