[Fwd: Robert Malecki, Hero of WORKERS' America]

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Sep 2 09:00:41 MDT 1996

Sending this to the list for information..

>Date: Mon, 02 Sep 1996 04:07:00 -0700
>From: David Stevens <phylstevens at postoffice.worldnet.att.net>
>Organization: Open Real
>To: malecki at algonet.se
>Subject: [Fwd: Robert Malecki, Hero of WORKERS' America]

>Robert Malecki:
> Several years ago, Workers Vanguard printed a
>letter of yours. I know that you are a war hero
>[for workers' America, not for the one that still
>wants your butt in prison].
> Readers of <soc.politics.marxism> are being told,
>gee, the exclusion only applies to "hard" Stalinists
>[as in, "I only have problems with 'hard' liquor"].
> And, oh, yeah, too bad expulsion rules were fuzzy,
>the exclusion stuff was a "last minute add-on".
> I am not the only worker who refuses to play in the
>stupid sandbox antics of the reformist left.
> I am also not the only American who remembers Vietnam,
>and the debt our class owes to you.
>   - David Stevens
>     San Francisco, CA
>     reader of <alt.politics.socialism.trotsky>

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